Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time Passes

I have not posted here in 2 & a half years.  I have no excuse as to why I have not.  Perhaps I've been busy gaining weight.  Yes, I think that's what it is.  I doubt I have any followers left, either they are no longer on here or they no longer follow me because, well, I've been gone/boring.

I need to lose weight.  I haven't quit wanting to do despite my absence from here.  I just can't get on track.  I want so much to do it the right way, by eating better & exercise.  But I feel like I'm always either in way too deep (restricting or purging) or eating away.  It's always: I'll start tomorrow/next week/month.  Or I'll start out food for a couple/few days & then it's a holiday & a break or whatever excuse I need to mess it all up & then I stay off track.

So I'm back.  Because I need somewhere to get my thought process out & I need help motivating myself to lose weight.  I don't care if it's slow, I hope that it's healthier than my past missions, but I have to do something.