Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

It is Fat Tuesday! Packzi day! A day for 'binging', eating junk upon junk before Lent.

Okay, so I will be doing my best not to partake in Fat Tuesday (not that I usually do necessarily) & I don't really participate in Lent either. As of this morning, I am at this year's highest weight (that I know of, since I try not to weigh in every day & have long stretches without weighing in). So Fat Tuesday is yet another start to trying to do better, hopefully this attempt sticks. And I would like to give up being in the overweight range for Lent (lol, wouldn't we all like to just decide to lose weight & it happens though!). I would like to reach the average range before Lent has finished though. I would like to do so by my birthday. That gives me 3 weeks to lose 7 pounds, which is doable if I can get & stay on track.

For now, my plan is to eat less (especially less junk) than I have been & to move. I would like to do at least 2 miles on the elliptical plus some outdoor walks. These are small, simple goals. Which hopefully will make them easier to follow through with.

I am working less so I have lots of free time (which is both good & bad when it comes to weight related stuff). I wish I was working more so I would be moving more, less time to eat, & making da money. Hopefully I will start getting more hours. Next week I have less than this one though. I need a new job. I would prefer to have one that was degree-related but I would take one that just gave me more hours (or more money in some way, lol).

I hope you are all doing fabulous!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Peri: Pinterest is a website where people "pin" (basically bookmark/save) things they like. It reminds me of weheartit.com if you have ever checked that out, except you can post pictures, videos, webpages, etc. You can see what other people are "pinning" or "pin" stuff yourself. It has everything on there, from hair styles, home decor ideas, diy, crafts, recipes, home tips... & so on. It can be very addictive, lol. Since I don't have internet at home, I mostly browse the mobile version on my phone & I still look through quite a bit when I get on there & repin.

Mich: I hated that I had to be on a waiting list too & because of that I wasn't going to sign up. But then I got looking around & decided I might as well because I was already interested in looking around so much, lol.

So, it's tax time! I love tax time because I always get a refund. And I think with part of it I am going to pay off the loan I took out to buy a car this past summer. Between freeing up that small chunk of change every month & putting aside another part of the refund, I am thinking I might be able to get internet at home again. Which I so hope works out, because browsing the web on my phone isn't always greatly satisfying, lol. Plus, I would be able to get on here more, comment on all of your lovely blogs (doesn't work well from phone most of the time) & so on.

I hope you are all having a splendid week! :)