Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well hello! It's been a while. How are you all doing? Is anyone still out there? ;)

I know it's been a while. I've sort of dropped away after I didn't have internet at home anymore. But I've been reading blogs when I get the chance in the mobile version of google reader. Unfortunately reader doesn't seem to have a way for me to comment. :( And when I try to open blogs on my phone, most of the time they don't open properly.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop on & say a quick hi. I hope everyone is doing well.  Hopefully there aren't too many mistakes as I typed this on my phone. Have a great week & hopefully I will be back super soon to blog more.

(And yes, I said hope/hopefully a few or so times, lol.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I don't have internet at home anymore, unless I figure out a way to crack one of my neighbor's homes (both on either side of me have wireless but it is password protected) or win the lottery so I can afford to hook my own.  Thank goodness for having an unlimited data plan on a smartphone so I can at least keep up somewhat, lol.

Many, many, many thanks to Liz, Mich, & for the recent comments!  You rock! <3  The new car is going well, no big issues so far, it's great on gas, & my driving it is going much, much smoother than when I first got it now that I am more used to having a stick shift.

I'm getting fatter again.  Like almost back up to where I was when I started this blog over a year ago.  Just under 2 more pounds & I would be back up at that weight.  So frustrating.  I've gained about 15 pounds from my lowest (of this year/blog start) & at least 10 pounds over my lowest held steady for a decent amount of time weight.

118.4, that's what the scale said at like 4:30am this morning, & also what it said at a more decent time yesterday, so no gain & might have been some loss if I had slept more than a couple hours & hadn't had to weigh so early because I had to go to work.  I know there are many out there who would love to be at that weight, who may have an ultimate or short-term goal around that number, but I am (as I've mentioned) disappointed because it is too high for someone who is as short as me.  If I were not a shortie (which I actually don't mind except for the whole being able to spot a few extra pounds so easily), that wouldn't be an awful weight, it would alright or good or even great.

My downfall is both the amount I've been eating as well as the quality.  Sometimes one or the other & sometimes both.  My motivation seems to be crap.  I had a few days in a row & a day here & there that were good, but I ruined them by doing a 180.  Boo.

Not that I'm depressed or anything, though it kinda sounds that way by the tone so far.  I'm disappointed with myself when it comes to the whole having gained weight thing, but hopefully (& hopefully sooner rather than later) that will help motivate me.  It hasn't so far but it usually goes that I will unmotivated for some time & then all of a sudden the motivation comes back.

Anyways, I hope you are all having a wonderful week & reaching whatever goals you may have.  I'm trying to get my entire house clean-clean & organized better.  Worked on that Sunday.  Hoping to sometimes after work this week & my day off tomorrow.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello new followers!  I've gotten a few of ya over the last couple weeks.  It always makes me smile to see even 1 new follower or 1 new comment.  I look forward to seeing either each time I come.

Shoutin' out some love to those who have left me comments: Fero Marcus, Almost.Skinny, Mich (x2), Moonlight Mistress, Anonymous, KittyKilla Kristen (x2), Liz, Pralinka.  Thanks for the finger crossing & positive thoughts about the car stuff (if you've read recent posts, you know how that turned out, that it worked out by getting a different car).  And also thank you to everyone who leaves sweet words, whether it's encouragement or positive thoughts, or empathy/sympathy.  I appreciate it so much & it reminds me that I (nor anyone else out there) am not alone.  [picture courtesy of Google image search]

Mich: I love storms too!  I hated them as a child, would cover my windows with blankets & sleep half in the hallway on the floor.  Now I adore listening & watching them.  We are having some heat lightning tonight.
Killa Kristen: I tried to find your email to email you, but didn't see it anywhere, so I tried to send you a message through Google Friend Connect.  Not sure if you got it or not, but if ya wanna be email pals or whatever, get a hold of me (my email is
Liz: Hope ya got some research done!  What is your thesis on (I can't remember if you've mentioned it before on your blog or not, I was just trying to remember but my memory is craptastic)?
Pralinka: Thank you for your comments & of course we can follow each other!  I already made sure to follow you back.

If there is anyone following me that I am not following, let me know.  I try to follow everyone back but sometimes there isn't a blog link in someone's profile, so it's difficult for me to.  Also, if anyone ever gets bored or needs to vent or even brag about something, feel free to email me.

So it's a bit after midnight, making it Monday the 1st.  It's a new week (I consider mine to start Mon not Sun despite most calendars & such) & a new month.  My goal for the week is to eat less junk & less junky food, as well as drink water (I am a failure at drinking in general, especially water, & do not know how I've never had dehydration issues).  My goal for the month is to gradually eat better & exercise more, as well as carrying the water thing throughout.  I'd also like to cross some stuff off my to do list such as organizing things around the house & stuff.  Anyone have any goals for the week and/or month?  Food/weight/health related or otherwise.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday (or any other day you come across this) & are set to have a wonderful week & magnificent month! <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ugh.  Yes, ugh.  That's how I feel about my weight/body lately.  It would actually prolly be more of a drawn out groan though, honestly.  Every time I make even a little progress, I destroy it & end up right back where I was before.  What the hell?  Why can't I just keep myself going forward instead of tripping backward?  It's ridiculous, it really is.  I need to snap out of this cycle before I get worse & start really gaining, beyond where I keep end up lately.

I think I might write a mean-like letter to myself.  Try to reread it constantly.  Have reminders of why I need to stop doing what I'm doing now & why I want to do better & be better.  And actually, not just for weight/body stuff, but other things in life I'd like to improve as well.

I have one buddy now that I try to keep up with just about daily.  That's nice & is helpful.  I would like more, but haven't found any yet.  So if anyone's looking... ;)

Other than the usual weight issues, not much has been going on.  Gotten more used to driving a stick.  Working, but still not much, which I could get more hours or a 2nd/different job so I could make some more mulah.  The heat & humidity has died down, so that's a nice little relief.  I had a family reunion (dad's side) & a wedding/reception (mom's side) on Saturday, both in the area of my hometown, so that was nice, I got to see a ton of my family, which doesn't happen often.

What is a goal you have/had for this week, that is non-weight related?

Monday, July 18, 2011


It's Monday night!  Jeese, the last couple days I have been all mixed up on what day it is.  I thought Sunday felt like a Monday & today I thought was Tuesday all day, until tonight when it seemed more like Sunday.  Oh my goodness.  Thankfully I am able to remind myself so that I don't miss work or end up being late or something on the days I have to be there.

Yesterday, I took my lil man to the beach around 7ish & we stayed until just after 9, when the sun was almost set.  It was still so super hot out, but near the lake it was nicely breezy.  It's nice that there is a huge body of water so nearby to go to to cool off, rather it be just being near it or in it.

Last night, not sure what time, but in the wee hours, I woke up & it was just a storming outside.  Wind, thunder, lightning, rain.  My computer was open on my nightstand & I was going to check the radar but the internet wasn't working (which always happens when it storms at all).  So I got up because I knew a couple windows were left open.  Upon turning on (or trying to) the hallway light, I realize we had lost electricity.  I shut the windows & laid back down, listening to the storm until I fell back asleep.  Sometime before I woke up this morning, we had gotten electricity back, thankfully.

Today it was too hot to do much of anything (unless we had gone to the beach again, but we didn't).  I did run to the store, but other than that, I basically stayed in front of a fan & half-napped or browsed around online.

It doesn't look like this heat & humidity is going anywhere either.  The forecast for the week shows hot temps & a couple days with my storms.  Too bad it hasn't just rained so we could go out & play in it! ;)

I ate horribly today.  Too much & some of the choices were not good ones.  Dinner was not horrible (Subway, which I had my usual turkey on wheat with just cheese & lettuce, plus 1 white choc macadamia nut cookie), but some of the other stuff I ate today (popcorn, a cherry turnover, mini chocolate chip cookies (tho I didn't eat a whole ton of those at least), root beer).  I guess I am going to see a gain in the morning. :(  I bought orange juice this weekend & would like to do a day of just drinking that, but I have to figure out when would be a good day & if I can stick to it.  I am so unmotivated lately, about anything.  Not just diet/exercise, but even getting other things done.  Partly I think because of the heat (at least when it comes to exercise or moving around much, lol).

Anyways, I hope everyone's week is starting off great!  And if not, I hope it gets better! <3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foto Friday 31

I have a Foto Friday!  Yay!  Some pics I took in June on my phone, a couple even particular to go in a Foto Friday post & am finally getting around too.  I've been busier than usual, working more (though still only part time hours) & of course, keeping up with & taking care of my lil one.

I wish I could say being busier meant losing weight, but as has become the norm for me, I've been eating too much crap.  Even when I'm not eating more than I need/should, I make bad choices on what it is I am eating.  I need to reverse that habit & quick!  I think I'd like a buddy to help motivate me.  Someone I am specifically checking in with & hearing on their efforts/progress, rather they have similar goals to mine or not.  Anyone interested?

Oh, & I bought a car Thursday, finally, after 3.5 weeks without one.  But now I have to get used to driving a stick, as I have only done so a handful of times in my life.  Right now I mainly need to work on getting going from a complete stop (either to get going in the first place or after a stop sign), other than that I am doing alright.  It's only been a lil more than a day, so hopefully it will become more natural & less troublesome for me like everyone says it will, lol.


Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff! (And this was like a month ago, I'm sure the Christmas section is much more filled by now.)

Coffee mugs. "I never knew life was going to be so hard!"/Sally & "Is there no one to rescue me?"/Snoopy

Hot pink yarn!  I will get some one day...

My blood pressure reading at one of those store thingies.  I'm always surprised I have a relatively normal reading (at the store or the doctor's), at least so often.  When I was a teenager, my mom used to tell me I was going to have a heart attack by the time I was 18 (because I would get worked up about stuff sometimes, although I don't think it was an abnormal amount, lol).

T-shirt @ Target.

Have a great weekend & week to come!  It's going to be a scorcher (at least for those in my area of the US & prolly other areas of the country & world, even)!  :) <3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, a week ago, my car got a more thorough look.  It's indeed a problem with the motor, & there was no more specific cause sought because any of the possible causes would be on the expensive side to fix & the car is not worth putting the money into.  I would have had the car for 6 years come October & the car is 17 years old.  It also had a few other minor problems that it's had for a while but weren't important enough to bother fixing (a/c doesn't work, heat blower doesn't blow super well).  But it was a nice little car while it lasted.  It was my first & only car thus far.

So I've spent the past week looking at cars, online, ads, along the road, & in lots.  Some potentials, many which were snapped up quickly.  A week ago I went in to see what I could get for a small car loan & today I went ahead & went in with the last couple papers & they prepped the papers & stuff so I could go ahead & have it ready & waiting for when I do find an acceptable car.  I'm not too picky, I'd like one that's cheap but decent.  Good gas mileage, prefer 4 doors, prefer an automatic (as I've driven a stick only a small handful of times, but would consider it if other things such as cost & that were good), needs some sort of radio, & everything in working order.

Next week probably my car will be taking a trip to the scrap/junkyards to see how much I can get out of it.  I don't expect too much, since it's smaller (less metal/weight).  And I've been working a little bit more lately.  So that's good, since I need the money more than ever since I will now have a payment (albeit small but I only work part-time & have all my other bills) on the loan every month.

So that's what I've been doing.  Working & looking for a vehicle (like it's my 2nd part time job, lol).  And arranging ways to get to & from work, which has worked out pretty well so far.  I have tomorrow off, as well as Friday-Sunday.  A friend/former roommate of mine is coming to visit this weekend.  And I'm hoping another friend will visit too, but I don't know what she's up to.

I hope you are all doing well!  I read & keep up on blogs it just seems I fall behind on commenting sometimes because I am often laying in a position that is not comfortable to type when I am online.  It's the same reason I don't post as often as I think to/would like.  Have a great week & happy hump day tomorrow! <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Wow, what an UNwonderful weekend I had. :(  Saturday, on my way to work, my car died.  I wasn't too far from work (& I drive nearly a half hour one way) when it just suddenly started to decelerate on it's own, so I pulled over to the side of the highway.  There was smoke coming out from under the hood.  Lots.  The first thought was maybe it overheated, but that doesn't seem to be the case now.  My son's uncle says my motor is junk.  My son's dad is going to look at it tomorrow & see what he can figure out.  But I don't expect the diagnosis to really change.

Which is just great.  I can't afford nor is it even worth it to get a new motor (which I could get free labor to do it prolly but still).  And since I can't afford that, I obviously can't afford another car.  I have little options here.  My work is about 25 miles away, so I need a vehicle to make money & need money to have a vehicle, but I don't make enough money to get one.  It's a vicious, asshole of a cycle.

That, sadly, was not even the beginning of my not nice weekend.  My son's dad traveled out of state for the weekend to hang out with a girl (who will undoubtedly be his girlfriend in like the next week or so, especially since he's going back next weekend).  This might not seem so horrible, except that I never handle him getting into relationships/dating very well emotionally.  I can't figure out why.  We get along, that's never been an issue.  But we haven't actually dated in years or even come close to maybe thinking about it in a long, long, long while.  And I'm not in love with him.  And I'm fine that we're not together... until he is dating or considering dating someone else.  It pisses me off.  I am an idiot in this area of my life, I can not explain why I feel the way I feel, it makes no sense to me.  I hate it.

So I spent most of Sunday, in bed.  My son wasn't home until late afternoon (he had been with family the night before because I worked & then stayed the night because of the whole car situation), so I had little reason to get up.  I did manage to get up & get dressed & walk a few blocks to the gas station with him to buy toilet paper (& an Icee & a donut unfortunately).

I would have loved to spend most of today in bed, but I had to go work an 8 hour shift.  And since lunch was bought for me on my way to work by my ride, I had Burger King (but in some defense, I only had a Kids' Meal).  And at work, a can of Coke.  I don't want to starve/restrict, but that's what I tend to do when I feel down.  I don't have much appetite & it can be hard to make myself eat.  I know I need to because I don't want my metabolism to crash & I don't want to be all ill/weak feeling in case my son needs me.

What a craptastic post, lol.  It is though.  I think I will end it now.  And pray, that by some miracle, there is some kind of good news for my car & it's not as bad as it has seemed to be (though I am preparing to hear that it actually is as bad as thought or maybe worse somehow).  I also pray a bit, that an even bigger miracle will happen & some kind of financial windfall will come my way so that I don't even need to worry about the car situation so much.

Good night (or morning or afternoon) my darling readers.  I hope your weekend went much better than mine & your week is starting off swell! <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I wish I had some pics for Foto Friday, but I don't really have many.  I am spending my Friday shopping (mostly browsing/window shopping/wish I had a limitless credit card I didn't have to pay off) so perhaps I will see some interesting or different or random things or something so that I will have some for next week.

Christina Aguilera looked better this week on 'The Voice', I thought.  Much better with the hair pulled back & the make up (while still dark, that wasn't the problem, it was something about how it was contoured or something).  Adam is still my favorite coach, lol.  Doubt that will change. ;)

Some linkage...
Wii Fit Plus Bundle with Balance Board on sale this week in weekly ad & online for $69 @ Target

<3 Shout Outs (to all the lovely comment-leavers) (which I am way behind on, so there are quite a few): Tracy (x2), Kitty (x3), Mich (x3), CE, Zette, Run, Fed Up, &  And now for some replies to some of those comments...
***Kitty: I have no idea how anyone could let their child gain such an incredible amount of weight either.  I have a 5 year old & if he even started to get heavy (& I don't mean just a lil chubby or something as I want him to be healthy & have a healthy attitude about his body & eating), I would start having him eat better.  Also, I like the quote you left...  "It doesn't matter how long it takes you, as long as you do not stop."  I think that's important to remember, because stopping will get you less far than starting again & again (& again & again sometimes, lol).
***Tracy: Sorry to hear about your dad & the rough time you are having.  I don't mind you coming here & venting a bit, feel free.  I hope it helps at least a tiny bit to get it out & feel free to take over the comment section with some ranting/venting if it will!
***Fed Up: Yes, every little bit does help!  I try to at least cut myself slack on the fact that when I work, I am at least getting some sort of tiny bit of exercise, since I am standing or walking or even climbing ladders a tad for a few hours or so.
*** Target has the Wii Fit Plus Bundle with Balance Board on sale this week (in their weekly ad as well as online) for $69.  Which is a good price, I'm just broke, lol.  I do have some more fun options for workout dvds, like I have Zumba & something else similar (Yoga Booty Ballet maybe?, for some reason I think I have that) & I like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, part of my problem is getting motivated to start, lol.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Who wants to keep gaining weight?  Apparently, I do.  I don't but I still am.  Up to 118.6 lbs this morning.  My low for the year is 103.something & I maintained around 105-107 for a while.  So today I am going to try yet again to start doing better.  I was going to try to stick to liquids but I decided I would just try to keep my intake in check & shoot for just getting the scale down.  Shouldn't be too hard after yesterday.  Yesterday I didn't eat a whole lot earlier in the day (I had an iced coffee & yogurt parfait from McD's for breakfast) but in the evening I had too much.  I had a cookie dough flurry around 4ish.  Then a couple hours later I have rootbeer, steak on the grill, garlic bread, steamed cauliflower/broccoli for dinner.  And that wouldn't have been awful but then I had a bunch of peanut m&ms.  And then late at night a can of soda & a slice of pizza.  And yesterday was preceded by other awful eating days.  So, like I said, as long as I don't eat a bunch today, I ought to be able to lose.  So far I had a slice of pizza (the last one so there's no more to tempt me either).

My problem is I am lazy with exercise.  I don't like it usually.  I like it if it's fun, like going out dancing or playing tennis with a friend, or walking to somewhere (having a destination is usually more motivating for me, unless it's just walking along/around the beach).  I don't have many opportunities to do this type of stuff.  And I can't motivate myself to just exercise for the sake of exercising usually.

I would much rather talk myself into doing the exercise thing & eating healthy instead of being lazy & restricting myself more than I should & all that.  But aside from being lazy about exercise, I like too many non-healthy foods, lol.  Maybe I need a buddy or something to demotivate me from eating bad choices & motivating me to make better ones about food/exercise, lol.

Anyways, on a completely different subject, I am going to vent a bit, lol.  I just started watching 'The Voice' last week (from the beginning though & I'm now caught up).  I am not a big reality show watcher & I'm not into American Idol or America's Got Talent, so it's not about the whole being a singing competition show.  I actually decided to check it out because I super <3 Adam Levine & he's one of the coaches.  Anyways, my vent is about Christina Aguilera.  During the times when the coaches comment on performance & stuff, she annoys me quite a bit because she interrupts people (especially the other coaches) way too often.  When Adam told her to shut up this last week (because she had interrupted yet again) & Blake Shelton thanked him, I couldn't agree more.

And, I hated her hair & make up this week.  She had way too much hair & the make up was just weirdly done.  She kind of reminded me of Miss Piggy (& not because she's a bit heavier than she used to be, which she is) because of her eyes (from the way her make up was done) & all the blonde hair.  I'm not hating on her (okay, obviously I am a little).  I think she does a fine job coaching & when she's with her team & her performances & stuff, it's just all her interrupting & some of the comments she makes during this time.  End rant.

Also about that show, this last week, when Lily from Team Christina was performing Big Girls Don't Cry, I thought she kind of looked like Miley Cyrus (whom I don't necessarily care about one way or the other personally).

On a related note, does anyone watch The Voice or So You Think You Can Dance?  There are some awesome competitors on both shows, some great talent.  I think if I could choose to have the talent to be on either show, it would actually be SYTYCD.  I would love to be a super awesome dancer, especially if I could have the ability to be awesome at multiple genres of dance.

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Foto Friday 30

 "Required for entry" reads the fine print.  Yes, even on a sandy dune at the beach it is important to wear protection apparently (thankfully).  Provided by Planned Parenthood.  And no, this is most definitely not mine.

UV Blue (blue raspberry vodka) & Sprite, yum!

 Banana smoothie!

 Sunset over Lake Michigan.

 Binge.  Spread out over like 2-3 hours, & definitely stuffed me nonetheless.  The 2nd sundae (the hot fudge one) was not part of the plan but McD's messed up & made the wrong one so they gave me both.  Also pictured: caramel sundae, chicken nuggets, cherry turnover, raspberry bismark, & 100 Grand candy bar.  And sadly, that wasn't all I ate that day, just the early afternoon. :/

It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillowpet!  I just like the big ole smile & purple color of this.  Maybe if it were way cheaper I'd have brought her home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I wanted to post but I couldn't think of what I would post about.  So I decided that I would use Google Images & search 10 random things that popped in my head & find a picture within the first few sections to post here.

[Just the way you are] Because that Bruno Mars song is stuck in my head because it was on last night's episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (I am not sure why I watch this show, I just can't seem to help myself from it for some strange reason), which I watched this morning.

[Berry kiss]  What my hands smell like right now.  It is like my all-time favorite Secret Garden scent & one of my fave scents overall.  And they discontinued it.  Boo.

[Sweet tea]  What I am drinking right now.  Except mine is in a tall can & made by Arizona.

[Pink mouse]  My wireless mouse is pink (& white & black).  A picture actually came up of the exact mouse I have, but this one is just less boring.

[Warm]  Because it has been quite warm here lately.

[Legless dog]  I read a status tonight that had a joke.
What do you call a dog with no legs?
Doesn't matter what you call him, he ain't comin'.

[Early]  I have to be up early  tomorrow to be at my friend's place to help with something (8am, which isn't all that early for some, but it is kind of for me, mostly because I have insomnia-type issues).

[Blank dvd]  I have a spindle of some blank dvds next to my computer.

[Lunchable]  What I had for dinner.  Mine was store bought & had turkey, crackers, American cheese, & 2 Oreos (although I don't eat the cheese).  This one looks yummier!

[Night]  Because it's night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so tired of being mad at myself for having gained like 10 pounds this year & continually not doing anything about it.  I keep saying to myself that I'm going to stop eating so much junk & so often, but I have yet to do so.  I am so irritated with myself.

Yesterday wasn't so bad, though it started out unwell.  I ate breakfast & lunch together at lunchtime.  I had 2 donuts & got a 24oz rootbeer (which lasted me the day & still has some left somehow).  Then late at night I had like 3 glasses of wine, a very small cube of cheese, & a small handful of pretzel m&m's.  Most of my lack of eating during the day was not due to willpower or any kind of effort.  I had a bad day mentally/emotionally.  Some people are stress eaters or eat when they are upset.  I am the opposite usually, which is about the only good thing about being sad or stressed.

Another thing that gets me (it doesn't irritate me or anything, it's just something I think about) is how if I were not so short, the weight I am at now (114.6 lb this morning) would be decent or thin, easily.  But because I am under 5 foot, it's too much.  It is still in the normal range, but I don't like it.  I don't like the way it feels or the way my clothes fit currently.  Being short, I notice weight gain/loss every few pounds usually (especially the gain).

Today I haven't eaten anything yet, but it's just after 11am.  I am working an 8 hour shift this afternoon so at least part of the day I won't be able to eat junk, but hopefully I don't make up for it before or after work.  My goal is not to fast necessarily or even restrict a bunch, just to not eat so much like I have been & eat less crappy foods.

Honestly, if given the choice, I wouldn't choose to lose weight the way I tend to.  I would choose to be more 'normal' about food & like my body/weight more instead.  But I have forgotten what that's like.  Before I hit puberty, I ate candy & stuff ALL the time.  Major sweettooth.  But it never mattered because apparently back then my metabolism was kicking some ass.  My freshman year of high school I ate sweets a lot & went out to eat a lot (we had open campus for lunch then plus I would go out sometimes after school or before sports games) & I weighed 88 pounds!  Granted, I was a few inches shorter then, but still.  I would so so so love to be able to eat like that & weigh that little.

So I guess I will stop rambling now.  I hope you are all having a great week & succeeding in your goals, whatever they may be, from exercise to eating to recovery to life in general.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I just wanted to share some links to some stories/articles for you all to check out.  I tried to include some kind of description/excerpt to give you an idea of what each one was about.  If you check any of them out, let me know which & what you thought please!

Mel C; Pregnancy saved her from bulimia
Mel C reveals giving birth to daughter Scarlet cured her of bulimia

Scientists find "master switch" gene for obesity
Scientists have found that a gene linked to diabetes and cholesterol is a "master switch" that controls other genes found in fat in the body, and say it should help in the search for treatments for obesity-related diseases.

World's Fattest Girl, age 6, 201 lbs
Standing just 3ft 5ins tall and weighing a staggering 14st 5lbs, this child weighs five times more than she should.  Suman Khatun is believed to be one of the world's fattest kids - and eats enough food each week to feed her entire village.

7 Ways to Swap Fat Out of Your Diet
Choose skim milk instead of cream.
Choose cottage cheese instead of cream cheese.
Choose ham on your pizza instead of pepperoni.
Choose an egg white omelet instead of a regular egg omelet.
Choose a grilled chicken burger instead of a hamburger.
Choose a baked potato instead of French fries.
Choose turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.
(see article link for more details)

Snacks with 80 calories or less
They have a bit of variety, from salty to sweet & even beer!

Calisthenics Come Back as the Anywhere Workout
NO GYM NECESSARY.  Rob Morea, an owner of Great Jones Fitness in Manhattan, offers exercises that can be done in a hotel room.

Does every gathering have to involve food?
More evidence is pointing to the fact that having fat friends can be, well, contagious.
The more overweight a woman’s social circle is, the more likely she is to be obese herself, according to Arizona State University research just published in the American Journal of Public Health online. Interestingly, researchers found that this may have less to do with shared values — such as “It’s OK to be fat” — than it does shared behaviors.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Foto Friday 29

I know there isn't a Foto Friday 28 (not sure if anyone else notices/would notice or not) post, but it was actually included as part of my last post, title Ahundred.  This is now my 101st post & tomorrow it will have been one year since my 1st post!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Special shout-out to Mich for recent commenting.  I watched the video of the girl meeting Justin Bieber, that is so neat (for her, lol)!  I got a crock pot for Christmas a few years ago but have yet to use it!  Which is crazy because I totally should, they are so neat & so many things you can make with them, I just forget I have it or don't have stuff to use in it.  I'm lazy about it I guess, lol.  Also, I read on your blog you found some lamb kidneys, so hooray for that!

And now, onto some pictures...

Slightly blurry photo of a fireworks display, set up as soon as Easter was over.  Holidays come sooner every year!
 Creepy baby on an ad on Facebook to become a social worker.  That baby doesn't make me want to become one.  I don't know what it is, but the baby is so creepy, like it's possessed or evil or something & would come after you.

Picture of a lil cute puppy that was in the online newspaper.  I wish I could have it! :/

Such a pretty blue color, especially for a flower!

Another Facebook ad.  What the crap?

A message in the sand!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is my 100th post!  I thought I would share a video, from How I Met Your Mother's 100th episode.  Seems fitting.  Plus I so love that show! :)

I am up 8 pounds from New Year's day.  I am up 11 pounds from my lowest weight of 2011.  I am only 5.6 pounds below the weight I was at when I started this blog almost a year ago.  Awful.  Disappointing in that I lost weight & gained the majority of it back & most of it recently.  But I need to get back on track.  I am hoping to lose weight by eating decently & exercising.

I recently found out I am going to be way more broke than I thought, so I am hoping that that information will help curb my spending money on junky food, such as fast food & snacks.  Stupid gas prices & stupid not getting enough hours at work/not finding a new job (I like my work place & the people I work with, I just wish I could make more money working there).

I need motivation.  It sucks that I am tired most of the time (due to insomnia issues that affect my sleep quantity and/or sleep quality).  I wish I could get my hands on Adderall or something similar to it.  That would be great.  But alas, I have no connections & no money anyhow.

I got my blender out today (it's been stored for over a year since my last move because there was already one here until recently) & there was a crack all the way down the side.  I didn't notice it when I filled it with water but I did when I turned the blender on as it was leaking down the side.  Dislike.  Later on when my son's father stopped by, the subject came up & my son had an idea that a blender would be a good idea for Mother's Day & then later on his father asked if I would rather have that instead of a card & candy/flower type stuff.  Um, heck yeah!  So that's hooray!  (on 2 accounts I suppose, since if I were to receive candy or cake it would be sitting around tempting me to gain more weight essentially so I will avoid that plus get a blender & not have to buy it)  He said it wouldn't be much a surprise this way but he figured he better ask before I decided to get one before then (which is totally possible if I found a decently priced one & could let myself spend the $ to get it) but I said I didn't mind at all.

Anyone have any wonderful plans for the weekend/Mother's Day (as either a mother or child of a mother)?  I am working Friday for a few hours & again on Sunday, plus my son has a game & team pictures Saturday.

And since it's less than an hour from being Friday, I think I shall post a few pics from my phone from April!

This was actually sent to me by a friend who was on vacation, visiting Animal Kingdom @ Disney World.

 Apparently someone dropped (threw in anger? tried to juggle? played kick the jar?) a jar of pickles in the parking lot of the grocery store.  They seemed to have gotten most of the glass but left behind the pickles & the smell.

 Although this is a onesie for a baby, I feel I can relate to this.

 A strawberry smoothie from the little food place at Target.  Tastes just like a strawberry Fruit Rollup to me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In 2.5 weeks, it will be one year since I posted my post on this blog!  Wow!  Came across some great blogs & gained some wonderful followers in that time.  I love this community so much, really.  I just wish I could send virtual hugs out to everyone when they are having a hard day, for whatever reason & jump up & down with excitement with them on good days, lol.  On top of closing in on one year, my next post (I believe) will be my 100th!

I wish I could say with that that I am doing super awesome food/weight wise, but alas, that is not true.  I haven't weighed in for like a week & I'm not sure I want to (although really, of course, I'm dying to know).  For weeks I have been eating crap & last time I did weigh in I was at my highest for 2011.  Which wouldn't be awful if I just didn't care & didn't feel guilty about it & have all the other other weird/disordered food/weight related thoughts.  I wish I were just 'normal' (I so wonder what that's like or wish I remembered what it was like years & years ago when I was much, much younger) about food.  But I don't see that ever happening, even if I got to a point that I were happy with my body, I think it will always be in the back of my mind (as it is even when I am in a normalish cycle).

But I'm not depressed or anything about it.  Upset, yes.  Disappointed, yes.  Looking to be re-motivated, of course!

On the upside, my elliptical is now unburied.  And there is plenty of room in my livingroom now that I should have room to do a workout video in there.  Plus I have my bicycle back over at my place (from being stored during winter) & the weather is decent (some days) to be outside for ride or walks & such.  I just need to be motivated to get to it!  Do it!!!  Exercise & eat less crappy foods.

 Can I just say yay for spring arriving?  Yay!  Now, if it were stay warm (or warmish even) & not rain for days on end, we'd be all set.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

***Special Shout Outs to Recent Comment-Leavers: Peridot, Tracy, & Mich.  Thank you so much for leaving me something, I love coming on here & finding any comment, short or long, serious or fun, or whatever! <3

Currently listening to (at this very moment, at least): "The Quest" by Bryn Christopher.  Which I heard on Grey's Anatomy season 4 finale (I think, it might have been on there another time, I don't recall).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Let me just start by stating that I know ipecac syrup is super bad for you.  I would not recommend anyone using it & I would never use it (again).  It was meant to be used to make people throw up when they ingested poison, but is no longer recommended to be used.  It used to be able to be found easily (in a drug store or aisle) but is a lot harder to come across now.  It can damage your heart tissue/cause heart problems, among other things.  Please do not ever use the stuff.

I first came across ipecac syrup at home.  It was in a first aid type of bag my mom had.  One night in high school, I had gone down to the track to run & afterwards decided I wanted some candy bars from the grocery store behind the track.  I didn't have money on me so I made the jaunt home & then back to get them.  I ate them (don't remember how many but it was prolly like 3-4) & took the ipecac syrup.  In less than a half hour my stomach felt horrible & I got sick.  I used ipecac 2 or 3 more times after that (not within the same week or month even though) but then I stumbled across actual information (Beyond what was on the bottle) online while doing research in school & once I saw the heart tissue damage possibility, decided not to use it again.  I briefly reconsidered this decision when I was living in Florida, after high school, but thankfully stuck with not doing so.

The second time I used it, which I do remember was again with candy bars, I couldn't make it upstairs to the bathroom to throw up & ran out the front door & vomited off the side of the porch.  Thank goodness there were no neighbors around (I was living in a complex of townhouses & the time so even though I was on an end one, there were 3 more attached to mine, along with 4 more building that made a circle).  I only used it when I was home alone & knew my mom wasn't on her way home, so that wasn't an issue.

The stuff worked like it was supposed to the few times I used it.  It made me feel absolutely awful-horrible-sick-to-my-stomach & it seemed like it got whatever (usually candy) I had binged on back out.  But like I said, based on the possible side effects alone, I would never recommend anyone use it & would surely discourage anyone who was considering using it (& have done so at least a couple times in comments on blogs).  PLEASE, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE STUFF!

I only share this because this is how I first got involved with Mia.  Before this point I had already done restricting & binges & stuff, but never purging.  And after my last ipecac use, it would be a couple years or so before I would (successfully anyway, not for lack of trying) purge again.  All future attempts after ipecec were purely on my own, with no assistance other than trying to gag myself to the point of puking.  I've already wrote a post about the first time I succeeded at doing that when I first started blogging almost a year ago.

Of course, I would never recommend anyone take up purging or any other sort of disordered eating habit, because even if you think you'll just do it for a little while to help with weight loss or to make you feel better in some way, that's usually not the case.  It becomes a part of you & takes over & it becomes harder & harder to turn back to before it started.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week thus far & rather it is or not, I hope the rest of the week looks up for you.  I'm so glad to have a place I can come to & talk about things like this that I can't (or rather won't) in the 'real world' outside of this blog. <3

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Borrowed this from TK's blog.  Feel free to read through & ask any questions if ya feel like it.  Have a great rest of the weekend & a Happy Easter (if you celebrate)! <3

Go through & cross off/strike through the ones you've done.

1. had sex
2. bought condoms
3. gotten pregnant
4. failed a class
5. kissed a boy
6. kissed a girl
7. used a little paper bag for lunch
8. had a job
9. slipped on ice
10. missed the school bus
11. left the house without my wallet/purse
12. bullied someone on the internet
13. sexted
14. had sex in public
15. played on a sports team
16. smoked weed
17. smoked cigarettes
18. smoked a cigar
19. drank alcohol
20. watched “The Breakfast Club”
21. been overweight
22 been underweight
23. had an eating disorder
24. been to a wedding
25. made fun of someone for being fat
26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight
27. watched tv for 5 hours straight
28. been late for work
29. been late for school
30. kissed someone in the rain
31. showered with someone else
32. failed my drivers test
33. ran a mile in less than 10 minutes
34. been outside my home country
35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours
36. gotten my heart broken
37. had a credit card
38. been to a professional sports game
49. broken a bone
40. been unhappy about my weight
41. won a trophy
42. cut myself
43. had an STD
44. got engaged
45. been on a diet
46. tried out to be on a tv show
47. rode in a taxi
48. been to prom
49. played in a drinking game
50. stayed up for 24 hours or more
51. been to a concert
52. had a three-some
53. had a crush on someone of the same sex
54. been in a car accident
55. had braces
56. learned another language
57. killed an animal/bug
58. been at a yard sale
59. been to a japanese steakhouse
60. wore make up
61. talked to someone via webcam
62. lost my virginity before I was 16
63. had my wisdom teeth taken out
64. kissed someone a different race than myself
65. snuck out of the house
66. bought porn
67. had a virus on my computer
68. had oral sex
69. dyed my hair
70. gone skinny dipping
71. graduated from college
72. wore someone else’s clothes
73. voted in a presidential election
74. rode in an ambulance
75. rode in a helicopter
76. caught the stove on fire
77. got in a verbal fight
78. been on vacation
79. been on an airplane
80. been on a boat
81. had surgery.
82. kissed someone before I was 14.
83. beat a video game
84. found something valuable on the ground
85. made a survey
86. stalked someone on facebook/myspace
87. prank called someone
88. been to a library outside of school
89. spent over $100 shopping in one day
90. cut my hair and hated it
91. peed outside
92. went fishing
93. helped with charity
94. taken a pregnancy test.
95. been rejected by a crush
96. been suspended from school
97. broken a mirror
98. faked sick from school
99. owned a pet
100. been to six flags

Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Friday 27

I know, 2 weeks in a row, wow, right?  Lol.  I <3 doing Foto Fridays!

First off though, special shout outs to my lovely comment-ers (is that a word? it is now!): Peridot, Mich (x2), Tracy (x2), & skinnybusiness.  Thank you so much for reading & leaving me something to read! <3  (And Tracy, thank you for the award, I will get to it soon, hopefully.)  (Mich, I didn't happen to look at the package for nutrition info on those Peeps, but a few websites say that there are 60 calories in each pack of 3, so 20 per chick.)

I hope you all had a great week & a fun weekend ahead!  And now onto the photos (fotos)...

Light pink Sharpie pen.

 Princess Celestia, My Little Pony.  Came in my McDonald's Happy Meal.  Totally thought of Mich when I got it. ;)

 Who doesn't want a soccer ball shaped potty?

 I liked the part about hugging the Earth. :)

I just think this doll is weird.  I mean, I guess it's better to have a doll that gives birth in a c-section style manner than the other option, but it just seems odd to me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Foto Friday 26

I will do my special shout-outs/replies in my next post, along with an actual post.  I just wanted to get some pics up for Foto Friday, since I seem to rarely get to it these days.  Here are some random pics that I took with my phone in March...

 Banana smoothie!

 I just thought it seemed odd that Peeps of all things can be made sugar-free, lol.

 My birthday dinner (breakfast for dinner, rather).

 My pretty (& big) light up, green ring for St. Patty's.

 Shirt I saw at the mall.

 Strawberry smoothie!

What was SpongeBob up to?  Seriously.  (This is actually an umbrella handle.)

I hope you all had a wonderful week & have a fantastic weekend ahead! <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I don't have much to say right this moment, but I wanted to post a couple things real quick.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO MY RECENT COMMENT-LEAVERS: Mich, Ayden, Cora, Peridot, Ayden (again), Emma, Mich (again), Tracy, & Tracy (again).

*Ayden, I have read Wintergirls, on some website it was posted at, a while back.  Good book!  Tumblr is kinda of like a blogging site, you can post quotes, pictures, texts, video, links, etc.

*Cora, I read Tuesday with Morrie in the spring of 2007 for a class & I loved it!  That is actually one of the books I am hoping to get a chance to reread soon.

Here are a few pictures from like February that I meant to post forever ago but forgot about or something.

Banana smoothie.

Will you marry me?  If only that 'rock' were a real diamond & not so dissolving.

Caramel frappiccino from Starbucks.  It's too bad they are so calorie-laden & whip is yummy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tumblr Thinspo

Having a rough day (emotionally/mentally & not food/weight related) & felt like posting so I thought I would post some thinspo that I have reblogged/found on Tumblr.  I post a lot of thinspo over there & some other random things.  Well, I hadn't been on there in a long while since the last couple days, but that what I used to do & have been again.  I have a Tumblr feed on the right side of this blog or you can go check it out anytime if you are bored or want some pics to check out.

I want to see the rest of this dress, it looks adorably lovely.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Special shout out to my recent comment leavers (you all rock!): Moonlight Mistress, Wren, & Harlow B.  Thank you for taking the time to leave me some words! <3  Harlow, we have Tim Horton's around here (though not as many as Canada, I'm sure, as I saw a ton when I was in Windsor).

As for the no soda for 10 days, I've completed the first half successfully (& still haven't had any).  I've thought about breaking down a couple times & there were also a couple times I almost forgot I wasn't supposed to have any, but so far so good!

This morning, I am tied for my highest weight of the year. :(  0.8lb under my second to last met goal & 2.2lb above my last met goal & 6.2lb above what was supposed to be my next goal.  But after today I am hoping to start eating less crap again & see the scale go down, even if it is slowly.  I wanted to wait for Monday, because, well, I guess just because it's the beginning of the week.  I wish I were more motivated to exercise.  I'm sure it will help once things are straightened around here (there is stuff from storage stacked in the kitchen & it is right next to my elliptical so I'd have to move a few things to use it & then move them back & it's too much of a hassle for my laziness apparently).  Hopefully that will happen soon.

I ordered some books from eBay.  The first came yesterday: Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders.  I have only read the intro so far, but it seems interesting.  It's a nonfiction, narrative where the author follows 3 different squads from tryouts to nationals.  The next that should be on it's way is Belle de Jour, Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl.  I think the title kind of tells you what it's about & there is also a tv series of it (I haven't seen any of that... yet, anyways).

The last book I am waiting on is Skinny Bitch.  I have actually read this before, like a year & a half ago, but I had borrowed it from the library & have wanted to get a copy of my own to reread & have on hand since.  It's very informative with sources for information & such while not being dry like textbooks.  I'm not necessarily interested in becoming a vegetarian or anything, but I still enjoy it (the part about diet soda/aspartame is a huge reason why I avoid diet soda more now that before & I couldn't eat meat for like a week after reading about the process of how it gets to the store/restaurant).  I so wish I had the desire to be a vegetarian, but I don't, lol.  Just like I have no desire to ever be anti-carb, even when Atkins & the like were/are popular.

So yeah, that's that.  I got decent deals on them, $4.99 each for the first two & $5.50 for the last, including any shipping costs.  I am hoping the books/reading will give me something to do to help keep me from boredom eating/cravings.  I have a few books I already own also that I haven't read.  I like to read but for some reason don't do much of it in my adulthood.

I hope you all had a lovely week/weekend & have a wonderful week ahead!  Anyone out there reading any good books or looking forward to doing so?  Read any of the books I mentioned?  Other comments?  :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, it's March.  Wow, February sort of disappeared!  I kind of feel like I've disappeared from here, it's been so long since I posted. :(  But I have been doing decently on keeping up on reading, though commenting has been a bit sporadic.  Last week I was tired a lot, because I worked more than usual, one day starting at 4am.

***Shout out to my awesome comment leavers: Starving ArtistMich<3 BreeMarcusTracy.  Yes, Starving Artist, I am with you, I'm ready for warmer weather also.  Sorry Mich. ;)  I think you right that you are in the minority rooting for winter to stick around, at least of people I know.  Marcus, I agree, if it's going to be cold it might as well be snowy.  My issue isn't with the snow really, so much as it is with the cold part (& the bad roads that can result).

My weight... well, it's not great.  As of yesterday I was around my last met goal, so at least it's come down from some points it was at in February, but not down to the lowest it had been that month or for the year.  Hoping March will be better!  Mostly I need to quit eating crap.  It seems I either eat a bunch of junk or else a couple of things that are super-junk.

I decided I'm going to try to give up soda for 10 days.  Which might not seem like much, but it's a small step that should be accomplishable (is that a word? it is now!).  I gave up soda for a season of track one year in high school.  It's not that I drink a lot of soda really either, but since it's not healthy anyways, it can't hurt, right?  So today is day 1 of that.  Anyone is welcome to join my small goal or make a 10 day goal of their own (if you are or already are doing something similar, let me know in the comments!).

Spring is supposed to be here in 3 weeks, by calendar anyways.  Living here, you never know when spring will actually come & when it's here to stay.  We got a taste a couple weeks ago, a bunch of snow melted & it was decently warm & so lovely.  At least since getting cold again it's been sunny (after we got more snow dumped on us to replace some of the melted, lol).  [The pictures are just random ones I pulled from Google.]

I found a gas station that has a case of Krispy Kreme donuts!  I know this may seem like odd good news, but for the longest while I haven't been able to find that.  But the grocery store has boxes of them, which I have fortunately managed to avoid buying because I know I won't be able to keep them long without devouring ALL of them.  So now I can occasionally indulge in ONE without having more there taunting me.  Plus, there are prolly less calories in them then the donuts I've been getting from the grocery store case, simply based on size (& sometimes filling/topping).  :)

I hope you all are doing fabulously well & fantastic & all that jazz!  <3 you all & hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I don't have much to post about.  But I wanted to post to say that I am still around & reading & even been commenting lately, so yay!  Gaining weight.  Slowly & surprisingly seems like I should be gaining more than I have been but I'm not complaining about that part.  Need to start moving back down, hovering around my last met goal right now.  Still working part time, trying to pick up hours here & there.

Tons & tons of snow here.  We already had bunches & then got a bunch more this past week, especially on Wednesday.  I'm sure (if you live in the US anyways) that you heard about the whole Snowpocalypse thing.  We got hit with it, thought I kinda expected more the way they were hyping it up.  But yeah, we have bunches of snow & it still snows (though not as much as then) frequently.  I'm more surprised when I look & see it's *not* snowing than to see that it is.  At least it's not been too cold the last couple days, thankfully.  And the roads have been decent on the days/night I have to work for my travel to/from.

The groundhog didn't see his shadow so we are supposed to have an early spring, which would be fine with me!

Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl!  Not that I care much, though given the choice I'd choose them based on... well proximity I suppose, lol.  Saw some neat commercials, though I can't remember them all.  My favorite part of the halftime show was when Usher came in, because I really enjoy watching him dance. ;)

But yeah, that's all for now.  I hope you are all doing lovely & have a fantastic week ahead! <3

Shout out & love <3 to my recent comment leavers: Zette, Elle, & Tracy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thanks Mich for the recommendation of the Queen Helene Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatment.  I used it last night, but I mostly just rubbed it onto my scalp, then combed through my hair.  Afterwards, I used this L'Oreal Nature's Therapy conditioner stuff that I used to use when I bleached my hair (which it was really awesome for that too) & today my hair is super soft!  My scalp is still a little dry, but it actually appears to be a lot better, it's not as dry as before.  I still have half of each left so I can use them again (& obviously buy more, lol).  I got both at a Sally Beauty store.

Also, for those who loved the glittery pink high-tops, & specifically Mich, who asked, I spotted them at Payless Shoesource.  I found them on their website also, they are called Kicks Hi Olivia Glam & they are made by Airwalk.

I haven't been up to anything new since my last post.  Just working a couple days a week & taking care of my little one.  My weight is staying around the same area, it goes down a little then up & so forth.  But I haven't gotten near my last met goal, I'm inbetween it & my next one, so I guess that's good!

Does anyone watch Hellcats?  I watched all the episodes in December around the time it went on break, & it came back last night? I think.  I don't watch it on tv & never have, so I don't know when it's actually on.  Anyways, lots of thin girls & skimpy uniforms for thinspo.  I also got drawn into it or else I wouldn't watch it, lol.

It was awful cold this weekend.  Yesterday seemed warmish, & it was like 30 degrees.  That's kinda sad, lol. I can handle all the snow we've gotten.  And the bad roads suck, but they tend to get taken care of so they aren't as bad eventually.  But when the temp drops that low... boo, I'm done.  I'm not a winter person.  When it gets super cold, I wonder why I moved back up here after 14 months of living in Florida.  If I won the lottery right now, I would take a vacay to somewhere warm as soon as possible.

This was a pretty light post.  I hope you are all doing well! <3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Foto Friday 25

It's Foto Friday & I am posting!  Yay!  I <3 Foto Fridays, even though I don't do them as much anymore.  I just don't have the pictures or else the time some weeks.  I am posting more than usual since it's been a while. I hope you all had a great week & a wonderful weekend ahead!

 Mario t-shirt.

 Apparently vampire blood smells like plum.  (By the way, these things, especially with the little holders you can buy from Bath & Body Works, are very handy & cheap!  I don't have this particular one, but I do have other 'flavors'.  Very handy put on a belt loop or purse handle or whatever.)

 I love you all!  (I don't personally really care much for Peeps, but these are cute!)

 These kind of remind me of the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, but they are pink & high-top sneakers.

 True most of the time.  But lacking the funds to do so usually.

 I never ate broccoli growing up, just started to the last few years.  I like it steamed/cooked, not raw.  My son does too!  Aren't kids supposed to hate it?  I did & no one ever made me eat it & I don't know that I ever tried it.

 Spotted in the trash of the handicap stall in the ladies' restroom at the store.  Wonder what their result was?  Think they went shopping while they waited for it to show up?  (The box looked empty, but it's not like I picked it up or looked underneath it so I only assume they took it or both with them.) What a place to find out you're going to be a momma (or not).

Barbie nail!  This pink color, especially combined with the white makes me think of Barbie, like the Barbie aisle at a store, which is like all pink with white writing, lol.