Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I don't have much to say right this moment, but I wanted to post a couple things real quick.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO MY RECENT COMMENT-LEAVERS: Mich, Ayden, Cora, Peridot, Ayden (again), Emma, Mich (again), Tracy, & Tracy (again).

*Ayden, I have read Wintergirls, on some website it was posted at, a while back.  Good book!  Tumblr is kinda of like a blogging site, you can post quotes, pictures, texts, video, links, etc.

*Cora, I read Tuesday with Morrie in the spring of 2007 for a class & I loved it!  That is actually one of the books I am hoping to get a chance to reread soon.

Here are a few pictures from like February that I meant to post forever ago but forgot about or something.

Banana smoothie.

Will you marry me?  If only that 'rock' were a real diamond & not so dissolving.

Caramel frappiccino from Starbucks.  It's too bad they are so calorie-laden & whip is yummy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tumblr Thinspo

Having a rough day (emotionally/mentally & not food/weight related) & felt like posting so I thought I would post some thinspo that I have reblogged/found on Tumblr.  I post a lot of thinspo over there & some other random things.  Well, I hadn't been on there in a long while since the last couple days, but that what I used to do & have been again.  I have a Tumblr feed on the right side of this blog or you can go check it out anytime if you are bored or want some pics to check out.

I want to see the rest of this dress, it looks adorably lovely.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Special shout out to my recent comment leavers (you all rock!): Moonlight Mistress, Wren, & Harlow B.  Thank you for taking the time to leave me some words! <3  Harlow, we have Tim Horton's around here (though not as many as Canada, I'm sure, as I saw a ton when I was in Windsor).

As for the no soda for 10 days, I've completed the first half successfully (& still haven't had any).  I've thought about breaking down a couple times & there were also a couple times I almost forgot I wasn't supposed to have any, but so far so good!

This morning, I am tied for my highest weight of the year. :(  0.8lb under my second to last met goal & 2.2lb above my last met goal & 6.2lb above what was supposed to be my next goal.  But after today I am hoping to start eating less crap again & see the scale go down, even if it is slowly.  I wanted to wait for Monday, because, well, I guess just because it's the beginning of the week.  I wish I were more motivated to exercise.  I'm sure it will help once things are straightened around here (there is stuff from storage stacked in the kitchen & it is right next to my elliptical so I'd have to move a few things to use it & then move them back & it's too much of a hassle for my laziness apparently).  Hopefully that will happen soon.

I ordered some books from eBay.  The first came yesterday: Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders.  I have only read the intro so far, but it seems interesting.  It's a nonfiction, narrative where the author follows 3 different squads from tryouts to nationals.  The next that should be on it's way is Belle de Jour, Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl.  I think the title kind of tells you what it's about & there is also a tv series of it (I haven't seen any of that... yet, anyways).

The last book I am waiting on is Skinny Bitch.  I have actually read this before, like a year & a half ago, but I had borrowed it from the library & have wanted to get a copy of my own to reread & have on hand since.  It's very informative with sources for information & such while not being dry like textbooks.  I'm not necessarily interested in becoming a vegetarian or anything, but I still enjoy it (the part about diet soda/aspartame is a huge reason why I avoid diet soda more now that before & I couldn't eat meat for like a week after reading about the process of how it gets to the store/restaurant).  I so wish I had the desire to be a vegetarian, but I don't, lol.  Just like I have no desire to ever be anti-carb, even when Atkins & the like were/are popular.

So yeah, that's that.  I got decent deals on them, $4.99 each for the first two & $5.50 for the last, including any shipping costs.  I am hoping the books/reading will give me something to do to help keep me from boredom eating/cravings.  I have a few books I already own also that I haven't read.  I like to read but for some reason don't do much of it in my adulthood.

I hope you all had a lovely week/weekend & have a wonderful week ahead!  Anyone out there reading any good books or looking forward to doing so?  Read any of the books I mentioned?  Other comments?  :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, it's March.  Wow, February sort of disappeared!  I kind of feel like I've disappeared from here, it's been so long since I posted. :(  But I have been doing decently on keeping up on reading, though commenting has been a bit sporadic.  Last week I was tired a lot, because I worked more than usual, one day starting at 4am.

***Shout out to my awesome comment leavers: Starving ArtistMich<3 BreeMarcusTracy.  Yes, Starving Artist, I am with you, I'm ready for warmer weather also.  Sorry Mich. ;)  I think you right that you are in the minority rooting for winter to stick around, at least of people I know.  Marcus, I agree, if it's going to be cold it might as well be snowy.  My issue isn't with the snow really, so much as it is with the cold part (& the bad roads that can result).

My weight... well, it's not great.  As of yesterday I was around my last met goal, so at least it's come down from some points it was at in February, but not down to the lowest it had been that month or for the year.  Hoping March will be better!  Mostly I need to quit eating crap.  It seems I either eat a bunch of junk or else a couple of things that are super-junk.

I decided I'm going to try to give up soda for 10 days.  Which might not seem like much, but it's a small step that should be accomplishable (is that a word? it is now!).  I gave up soda for a season of track one year in high school.  It's not that I drink a lot of soda really either, but since it's not healthy anyways, it can't hurt, right?  So today is day 1 of that.  Anyone is welcome to join my small goal or make a 10 day goal of their own (if you are or already are doing something similar, let me know in the comments!).

Spring is supposed to be here in 3 weeks, by calendar anyways.  Living here, you never know when spring will actually come & when it's here to stay.  We got a taste a couple weeks ago, a bunch of snow melted & it was decently warm & so lovely.  At least since getting cold again it's been sunny (after we got more snow dumped on us to replace some of the melted, lol).  [The pictures are just random ones I pulled from Google.]

I found a gas station that has a case of Krispy Kreme donuts!  I know this may seem like odd good news, but for the longest while I haven't been able to find that.  But the grocery store has boxes of them, which I have fortunately managed to avoid buying because I know I won't be able to keep them long without devouring ALL of them.  So now I can occasionally indulge in ONE without having more there taunting me.  Plus, there are prolly less calories in them then the donuts I've been getting from the grocery store case, simply based on size (& sometimes filling/topping).  :)

I hope you all are doing fabulously well & fantastic & all that jazz!  <3 you all & hope to hear from you soon!