Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thanks Mich for the recommendation of the Queen Helene Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatment.  I used it last night, but I mostly just rubbed it onto my scalp, then combed through my hair.  Afterwards, I used this L'Oreal Nature's Therapy conditioner stuff that I used to use when I bleached my hair (which it was really awesome for that too) & today my hair is super soft!  My scalp is still a little dry, but it actually appears to be a lot better, it's not as dry as before.  I still have half of each left so I can use them again (& obviously buy more, lol).  I got both at a Sally Beauty store.

Also, for those who loved the glittery pink high-tops, & specifically Mich, who asked, I spotted them at Payless Shoesource.  I found them on their website also, they are called Kicks Hi Olivia Glam & they are made by Airwalk.

I haven't been up to anything new since my last post.  Just working a couple days a week & taking care of my little one.  My weight is staying around the same area, it goes down a little then up & so forth.  But I haven't gotten near my last met goal, I'm inbetween it & my next one, so I guess that's good!

Does anyone watch Hellcats?  I watched all the episodes in December around the time it went on break, & it came back last night? I think.  I don't watch it on tv & never have, so I don't know when it's actually on.  Anyways, lots of thin girls & skimpy uniforms for thinspo.  I also got drawn into it or else I wouldn't watch it, lol.

It was awful cold this weekend.  Yesterday seemed warmish, & it was like 30 degrees.  That's kinda sad, lol. I can handle all the snow we've gotten.  And the bad roads suck, but they tend to get taken care of so they aren't as bad eventually.  But when the temp drops that low... boo, I'm done.  I'm not a winter person.  When it gets super cold, I wonder why I moved back up here after 14 months of living in Florida.  If I won the lottery right now, I would take a vacay to somewhere warm as soon as possible.

This was a pretty light post.  I hope you are all doing well! <3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Foto Friday 25

It's Foto Friday & I am posting!  Yay!  I <3 Foto Fridays, even though I don't do them as much anymore.  I just don't have the pictures or else the time some weeks.  I am posting more than usual since it's been a while. I hope you all had a great week & a wonderful weekend ahead!

 Mario t-shirt.

 Apparently vampire blood smells like plum.  (By the way, these things, especially with the little holders you can buy from Bath & Body Works, are very handy & cheap!  I don't have this particular one, but I do have other 'flavors'.  Very handy put on a belt loop or purse handle or whatever.)

 I love you all!  (I don't personally really care much for Peeps, but these are cute!)

 These kind of remind me of the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, but they are pink & high-top sneakers.

 True most of the time.  But lacking the funds to do so usually.

 I never ate broccoli growing up, just started to the last few years.  I like it steamed/cooked, not raw.  My son does too!  Aren't kids supposed to hate it?  I did & no one ever made me eat it & I don't know that I ever tried it.

 Spotted in the trash of the handicap stall in the ladies' restroom at the store.  Wonder what their result was?  Think they went shopping while they waited for it to show up?  (The box looked empty, but it's not like I picked it up or looked underneath it so I only assume they took it or both with them.) What a place to find out you're going to be a momma (or not).

Barbie nail!  This pink color, especially combined with the white makes me think of Barbie, like the Barbie aisle at a store, which is like all pink with white writing, lol.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Holy snow, Batman!  We have tons of snow, it just keeps coming.  My son didn't have school today (after having a 3 day weekend, which is now 4 day).  It snowed a ton last night, on top of all the snow we already got. Hard to believe it was pretty bare around New Year's from the slight warm up that melted what we had for Christmas.  I guess living near the lakeshore contributes to all the snowfall too.

I've been... well, I don't know.  Honestly, that's so weird, but true.  I'm mostly fine, but I have moments where I want to cry, usually triggered by something small (like something on tv or in life) & usually I just feel like I am about to cry & I can stop it or it comes for like a minute.  Weird.

I went above my last met goal once (on the 2nd actually) this month & since then, I have stayed under it.  I already beat my low for last year, but I am above it currently (by less than a pound though).

Last night, my son & I went to see Megamind.  It was playing at the cheap theater (normally 2.99/ticket but on Mondays there is some radio discount or something & it's only 1.49/ticket).  He had already seen it with his dad at the regular theater on Sunday movie night (another promotion thingy) but he didn't mind going again.  I enjoyed it, as did he.  He was well-behaved, which surprised me a little since he had already seen it & taking him to the theater is hit or miss (hard for him to sit quietly that long, lol).  The roads on the way home were far less than stellar, but they weren't super awful.  I missed the first few minutes of How I Met Your Mother because of them, but that's okay because we got home safely & I can rewatch it later.

My skin seems to have gotten drier the last few days.  It's dry normally, especially after getting wet (like the shower) & of course, more so in winter, but lately it's even worse, especially my face & scalp.  It sucks.  Any suggestions for me (aside from lotion, shampoo, drinking water)?

I hope you are doing well!  I am keeping up on reading blogs, but I need to comment more, which I did some of last night.  I <3 you all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year Anew

Hey lovely people, hope 2011 is starting out awesomely for you! :)

I did "run away" for a few days.  I left after work on Wednesday night & came back on Saturday.  It didn't go as smoothly as one would hope, the whole taking off part, but it worked out.

Thursday my friend & I went to another town to a Chinese buffet.  It was yummy!  Both of us love it but had never gone before together.  Bad for my weight but oh well.  For New Years, I didn't do a whole ton.  I went to someone's house (person I've known since childhood that is friends still with my friend I was staying with & her boyfriend) then cruised around the small town, while she chatted with a guy she works with (Her boyfriend is a total douche & treats her like crap & they fight a lot but they stay together because they have an almost 4 year old & another on the way & she loves him in some way & doesn't want to deal with him being with someone else.  She isn't cheating on him technically, in a physical way but prolly emotionally yes.  I don't necessarily agree with her staying with her boyfriend (at all) or digging on some other guy, but I don't completely disapprove since I dislike her boyfriend & the way he treats her/they are toward each other.)

Sunday night, I went along as my friend's 'plus one' to her work party for Christmas.  She commutes quite a ways & her husband didn't want to really make the trip for it & I live much closer.  Yummy Italian food (I didn't overeat, made sure I didn't indulge as much as I wanted, thankfully).  Then we went to a bar & had some drinks while sitting right at the bar.  Some older guy (like old enough to be my father) bought me a shot at one point & I let another guy (who was like 5 years younger than me) have it.  Kind of mean?  Yes, but it was also kind of funny because I am kind of a bitch like that sometimes.  After that, we went to the younger dude's house for a couple hours, played some beer pong (which I hadn't done in years & still suck at but we (me & the young dude) won anyways) & watched some tv, then headed back to my place (just me & her).

Not sure if I mentioned this but I found out on Christmas Eve that I was one of the very few of the holiday help at work who got to stay an extra week to possibly be kept on.  And Saturday afternoon I went in to pick up Friday's check & saw I am scheduled one day this week (no one has hardly any hours, some less than me as I have an 8 hour shift that day), so that's cool.  It's obviously not very profitable but it's better than nothing which is what I expected after Christmas.

So that's what I've been up to.  I hope everyone is doing swell & I love you all!  Hope you are reaching your goals & not breaking resolutions (if you made any)! <3