Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tumblr Thinspo

Having a rough day (emotionally/mentally & not food/weight related) & felt like posting so I thought I would post some thinspo that I have reblogged/found on Tumblr.  I post a lot of thinspo over there & some other random things.  Well, I hadn't been on there in a long while since the last couple days, but that what I used to do & have been again.  I have a Tumblr feed on the right side of this blog or you can go check it out anytime if you are bored or want some pics to check out.

I want to see the rest of this dress, it looks adorably lovely.


Ayden said...

I love this thinspo =] so pretty
I am not quite sure what a tumblr is... I think I may be technologically retarded, but at least I'm asking for help now rather than later.. lol mind explaining?
Is it like a facebook or a myspace?

Anonymous said...

beautiful thinspo. =]

Mich said...

Basement stairs with the spaces between the steps are just WRONG. I can't handle them.

Hope you're feeling better, and having better days for the rest of the week. <3

tracy said...

Oh, wow...to have bodies like those...do you think they are much older than 16...big sigh.

Feel better, sweet one!