Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello Blogger world! Hope you are all doing swell!

My son had his first snow day Monday (other schools around the state have had a few already, but his rarely closes). Not because we got an obscene amount of snow either. Because we had thunderstorms/rain the night before. In late January. Thats not normal weather here, lol. But the whole winter has been odd anyways. Which I am not huge on the whole cold & cruddy roads, so that's fine with me. 2 more months of official (calendar) winter! I adore spring! So glad it's not too far off, as Peri mentioned.

I don't like seeing the winter stuff break out (shovels, sidewalk salt, etc) early but I have no problem seeing the beach towels, gardening tools, & lawn stuff come out because it's a reminder that spring will come eventually.

Of course, seeing bathing suits & other such cute but skimpier (compared to winter) clothing is also a reminder that there is weight to be lost, which is both good & bad.

Has anyone wandered around Pinterest? Oh my gosh, it's so great for so many things! But addictive. And possibly distracting & motivating in so many ways, not just weight/eating wise, but others.

I hope you all had an awesome start to the week & it continues that way! :)


Peridot (G+P) said...

What on earth is Pinterest? Will it be bad for my wallet? XD

Thank you so much for the mention. You're absolutely wonderful!

Hope you two enjoy your snow <3

Mich said...

I just wandering around pinterest as well, though I was bit offended that I had to sign up to a waiting list to join....

And noooooooooo put Spring back in its box!! I love winter. :D As far as I'm concerned, the cold and snow and crummy roads can last forever. <3