Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

It is Fat Tuesday! Packzi day! A day for 'binging', eating junk upon junk before Lent.

Okay, so I will be doing my best not to partake in Fat Tuesday (not that I usually do necessarily) & I don't really participate in Lent either. As of this morning, I am at this year's highest weight (that I know of, since I try not to weigh in every day & have long stretches without weighing in). So Fat Tuesday is yet another start to trying to do better, hopefully this attempt sticks. And I would like to give up being in the overweight range for Lent (lol, wouldn't we all like to just decide to lose weight & it happens though!). I would like to reach the average range before Lent has finished though. I would like to do so by my birthday. That gives me 3 weeks to lose 7 pounds, which is doable if I can get & stay on track.

For now, my plan is to eat less (especially less junk) than I have been & to move. I would like to do at least 2 miles on the elliptical plus some outdoor walks. These are small, simple goals. Which hopefully will make them easier to follow through with.

I am working less so I have lots of free time (which is both good & bad when it comes to weight related stuff). I wish I was working more so I would be moving more, less time to eat, & making da money. Hopefully I will start getting more hours. Next week I have less than this one though. I need a new job. I would prefer to have one that was degree-related but I would take one that just gave me more hours (or more money in some way, lol).

I hope you are all doing fabulous!


Peridot (G+P) said...

So THAT is what 'Fat Tuesday' is all about on my calendar? 0.0

I'm not participating in Lent, so I won't participate in the pre-Lenten eating festivities XD


tracy said...

You are doing terrific...i am soooooooo fat, i only exercised once this wek....talk about a loser...NOT in the goood way! i admire you so much...i get to the point that if i can't get three days in , i give up.....

xoxo, tracy

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