Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year Anew

Hey lovely people, hope 2011 is starting out awesomely for you! :)

I did "run away" for a few days.  I left after work on Wednesday night & came back on Saturday.  It didn't go as smoothly as one would hope, the whole taking off part, but it worked out.

Thursday my friend & I went to another town to a Chinese buffet.  It was yummy!  Both of us love it but had never gone before together.  Bad for my weight but oh well.  For New Years, I didn't do a whole ton.  I went to someone's house (person I've known since childhood that is friends still with my friend I was staying with & her boyfriend) then cruised around the small town, while she chatted with a guy she works with (Her boyfriend is a total douche & treats her like crap & they fight a lot but they stay together because they have an almost 4 year old & another on the way & she loves him in some way & doesn't want to deal with him being with someone else.  She isn't cheating on him technically, in a physical way but prolly emotionally yes.  I don't necessarily agree with her staying with her boyfriend (at all) or digging on some other guy, but I don't completely disapprove since I dislike her boyfriend & the way he treats her/they are toward each other.)

Sunday night, I went along as my friend's 'plus one' to her work party for Christmas.  She commutes quite a ways & her husband didn't want to really make the trip for it & I live much closer.  Yummy Italian food (I didn't overeat, made sure I didn't indulge as much as I wanted, thankfully).  Then we went to a bar & had some drinks while sitting right at the bar.  Some older guy (like old enough to be my father) bought me a shot at one point & I let another guy (who was like 5 years younger than me) have it.  Kind of mean?  Yes, but it was also kind of funny because I am kind of a bitch like that sometimes.  After that, we went to the younger dude's house for a couple hours, played some beer pong (which I hadn't done in years & still suck at but we (me & the young dude) won anyways) & watched some tv, then headed back to my place (just me & her).

Not sure if I mentioned this but I found out on Christmas Eve that I was one of the very few of the holiday help at work who got to stay an extra week to possibly be kept on.  And Saturday afternoon I went in to pick up Friday's check & saw I am scheduled one day this week (no one has hardly any hours, some less than me as I have an 8 hour shift that day), so that's cool.  It's obviously not very profitable but it's better than nothing which is what I expected after Christmas.

So that's what I've been up to.  I hope everyone is doing swell & I love you all!  Hope you are reaching your goals & not breaking resolutions (if you made any)! <3