Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Holy snow, Batman!  We have tons of snow, it just keeps coming.  My son didn't have school today (after having a 3 day weekend, which is now 4 day).  It snowed a ton last night, on top of all the snow we already got. Hard to believe it was pretty bare around New Year's from the slight warm up that melted what we had for Christmas.  I guess living near the lakeshore contributes to all the snowfall too.

I've been... well, I don't know.  Honestly, that's so weird, but true.  I'm mostly fine, but I have moments where I want to cry, usually triggered by something small (like something on tv or in life) & usually I just feel like I am about to cry & I can stop it or it comes for like a minute.  Weird.

I went above my last met goal once (on the 2nd actually) this month & since then, I have stayed under it.  I already beat my low for last year, but I am above it currently (by less than a pound though).

Last night, my son & I went to see Megamind.  It was playing at the cheap theater (normally 2.99/ticket but on Mondays there is some radio discount or something & it's only 1.49/ticket).  He had already seen it with his dad at the regular theater on Sunday movie night (another promotion thingy) but he didn't mind going again.  I enjoyed it, as did he.  He was well-behaved, which surprised me a little since he had already seen it & taking him to the theater is hit or miss (hard for him to sit quietly that long, lol).  The roads on the way home were far less than stellar, but they weren't super awful.  I missed the first few minutes of How I Met Your Mother because of them, but that's okay because we got home safely & I can rewatch it later.

My skin seems to have gotten drier the last few days.  It's dry normally, especially after getting wet (like the shower) & of course, more so in winter, but lately it's even worse, especially my face & scalp.  It sucks.  Any suggestions for me (aside from lotion, shampoo, drinking water)?

I hope you are doing well!  I am keeping up on reading blogs, but I need to comment more, which I did some of last night.  I <3 you all!


Mich said...

Avon makes some good lotions for skin. Mine gets all cracked and gross in winter. :( And for scalp, you could look for hot oil treatments. These are amazing:

My colourist recommended them for keeping my hair from getting too damaged (bleach...) and they work on keeping your scalp from getting too dry as well.

I'm jealous of your snow. ;) We just got rain.


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