Friday, April 8, 2011

Foto Friday 26

I will do my special shout-outs/replies in my next post, along with an actual post.  I just wanted to get some pics up for Foto Friday, since I seem to rarely get to it these days.  Here are some random pics that I took with my phone in March...

 Banana smoothie!

 I just thought it seemed odd that Peeps of all things can be made sugar-free, lol.

 My birthday dinner (breakfast for dinner, rather).

 My pretty (& big) light up, green ring for St. Patty's.

 Shirt I saw at the mall.

 Strawberry smoothie!

What was SpongeBob up to?  Seriously.  (This is actually an umbrella handle.)

I hope you all had a wonderful week & have a fantastic weekend ahead! <3


tracy said...

Ha, ha...SpongeBob looks like he had "a little too much"! (Icecream, of course!)

Love the photo Fridays!

Love and hugs,

Mich said...

I got so excited when I saw "Foto Friday" on my blog roll!! <3

OMG spongebob looks like a child molester in that pic!!

Mmmm breakfast for dinner is superb. breakfast fry-ups are just the best food in general I think...

How many cals are in those Peeps?

I hope you got that marshmallow shirt.

Have a great weekend, luv!