Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In 2.5 weeks, it will be one year since I posted my post on this blog!  Wow!  Came across some great blogs & gained some wonderful followers in that time.  I love this community so much, really.  I just wish I could send virtual hugs out to everyone when they are having a hard day, for whatever reason & jump up & down with excitement with them on good days, lol.  On top of closing in on one year, my next post (I believe) will be my 100th!

I wish I could say with that that I am doing super awesome food/weight wise, but alas, that is not true.  I haven't weighed in for like a week & I'm not sure I want to (although really, of course, I'm dying to know).  For weeks I have been eating crap & last time I did weigh in I was at my highest for 2011.  Which wouldn't be awful if I just didn't care & didn't feel guilty about it & have all the other other weird/disordered food/weight related thoughts.  I wish I were just 'normal' (I so wonder what that's like or wish I remembered what it was like years & years ago when I was much, much younger) about food.  But I don't see that ever happening, even if I got to a point that I were happy with my body, I think it will always be in the back of my mind (as it is even when I am in a normalish cycle).

But I'm not depressed or anything about it.  Upset, yes.  Disappointed, yes.  Looking to be re-motivated, of course!

On the upside, my elliptical is now unburied.  And there is plenty of room in my livingroom now that I should have room to do a workout video in there.  Plus I have my bicycle back over at my place (from being stored during winter) & the weather is decent (some days) to be outside for ride or walks & such.  I just need to be motivated to get to it!  Do it!!!  Exercise & eat less crappy foods.

 Can I just say yay for spring arriving?  Yay!  Now, if it were stay warm (or warmish even) & not rain for days on end, we'd be all set.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

***Special Shout Outs to Recent Comment-Leavers: Peridot, Tracy, & Mich.  Thank you so much for leaving me something, I love coming on here & finding any comment, short or long, serious or fun, or whatever! <3

Currently listening to (at this very moment, at least): "The Quest" by Bryn Christopher.  Which I heard on Grey's Anatomy season 4 finale (I think, it might have been on there another time, I don't recall).


Mich said...

Haha, that little girl actually got to meet Justin Bieber after that video got popular on youtube:

It's crazy to think that once upon a time, we didn't care what we ate, and didn't even think about the calorie content and never had panic attacks over junk food. I'd sell my soul to Satan to go back to that. :/ But you're right--there's no point in getting depressed over that.

Hope you have a good weekend! <3

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