Monday, July 18, 2011


It's Monday night!  Jeese, the last couple days I have been all mixed up on what day it is.  I thought Sunday felt like a Monday & today I thought was Tuesday all day, until tonight when it seemed more like Sunday.  Oh my goodness.  Thankfully I am able to remind myself so that I don't miss work or end up being late or something on the days I have to be there.

Yesterday, I took my lil man to the beach around 7ish & we stayed until just after 9, when the sun was almost set.  It was still so super hot out, but near the lake it was nicely breezy.  It's nice that there is a huge body of water so nearby to go to to cool off, rather it be just being near it or in it.

Last night, not sure what time, but in the wee hours, I woke up & it was just a storming outside.  Wind, thunder, lightning, rain.  My computer was open on my nightstand & I was going to check the radar but the internet wasn't working (which always happens when it storms at all).  So I got up because I knew a couple windows were left open.  Upon turning on (or trying to) the hallway light, I realize we had lost electricity.  I shut the windows & laid back down, listening to the storm until I fell back asleep.  Sometime before I woke up this morning, we had gotten electricity back, thankfully.

Today it was too hot to do much of anything (unless we had gone to the beach again, but we didn't).  I did run to the store, but other than that, I basically stayed in front of a fan & half-napped or browsed around online.

It doesn't look like this heat & humidity is going anywhere either.  The forecast for the week shows hot temps & a couple days with my storms.  Too bad it hasn't just rained so we could go out & play in it! ;)

I ate horribly today.  Too much & some of the choices were not good ones.  Dinner was not horrible (Subway, which I had my usual turkey on wheat with just cheese & lettuce, plus 1 white choc macadamia nut cookie), but some of the other stuff I ate today (popcorn, a cherry turnover, mini chocolate chip cookies (tho I didn't eat a whole ton of those at least), root beer).  I guess I am going to see a gain in the morning. :(  I bought orange juice this weekend & would like to do a day of just drinking that, but I have to figure out when would be a good day & if I can stick to it.  I am so unmotivated lately, about anything.  Not just diet/exercise, but even getting other things done.  Partly I think because of the heat (at least when it comes to exercise or moving around much, lol).

Anyways, I hope everyone's week is starting off great!  And if not, I hope it gets better! <3


killa kristen said...

I know that struggling feeling. You almost wish you could wish the week away so then you could get to that one day of just drinking your orange juice or liquid fasting just to get it over with and feel sort of accomplished. It's nice how you took your baby out to the lake and whatnot. I wish there was something like that around here to take the baby I'm babysitting currently, I'm sure he would get a kick out of it.

I hope the rest of your week is going well and the scales were nice to you!

Mich said...

Ooo I love those kinds of storms at night! One of the only things I like about summer, actually. I love watching the rain and lightning and junk, especially when those are the only sounds you can hear. :)

Hope you can find some motivation. <3 you're right--it's tough in this oppressive heat. I'm counting the days until autumn!


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