Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello new followers!  I've gotten a few of ya over the last couple weeks.  It always makes me smile to see even 1 new follower or 1 new comment.  I look forward to seeing either each time I come.

Shoutin' out some love to those who have left me comments: Fero Marcus, Almost.Skinny, Mich (x2), Moonlight Mistress, Anonymous, KittyKilla Kristen (x2), Liz, Pralinka.  Thanks for the finger crossing & positive thoughts about the car stuff (if you've read recent posts, you know how that turned out, that it worked out by getting a different car).  And also thank you to everyone who leaves sweet words, whether it's encouragement or positive thoughts, or empathy/sympathy.  I appreciate it so much & it reminds me that I (nor anyone else out there) am not alone.  [picture courtesy of Google image search]

Mich: I love storms too!  I hated them as a child, would cover my windows with blankets & sleep half in the hallway on the floor.  Now I adore listening & watching them.  We are having some heat lightning tonight.
Killa Kristen: I tried to find your email to email you, but didn't see it anywhere, so I tried to send you a message through Google Friend Connect.  Not sure if you got it or not, but if ya wanna be email pals or whatever, get a hold of me (my email is
Liz: Hope ya got some research done!  What is your thesis on (I can't remember if you've mentioned it before on your blog or not, I was just trying to remember but my memory is craptastic)?
Pralinka: Thank you for your comments & of course we can follow each other!  I already made sure to follow you back.

If there is anyone following me that I am not following, let me know.  I try to follow everyone back but sometimes there isn't a blog link in someone's profile, so it's difficult for me to.  Also, if anyone ever gets bored or needs to vent or even brag about something, feel free to email me.

So it's a bit after midnight, making it Monday the 1st.  It's a new week (I consider mine to start Mon not Sun despite most calendars & such) & a new month.  My goal for the week is to eat less junk & less junky food, as well as drink water (I am a failure at drinking in general, especially water, & do not know how I've never had dehydration issues).  My goal for the month is to gradually eat better & exercise more, as well as carrying the water thing throughout.  I'd also like to cross some stuff off my to do list such as organizing things around the house & stuff.  Anyone have any goals for the week and/or month?  Food/weight/health related or otherwise.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday (or any other day you come across this) & are set to have a wonderful week & magnificent month! <3


Liz said...

I start my weeks on Mondays too, so it's not just you. I mean, work starts on Monday! At least for most people :)

Your goals sound great! Water is suuuuper important, so I'm glad that you're trying to drink more.

I did get some research done! I'm actually making progress (gasp!). My thesis is on something about disordered eating, but I'm supposed to be "keeping an open mind" and not focusing on one particular aspect at this point. Grr. I'm doing some sort of psychological experiment, possibly involving media, body image, or something like that. Yay!

My goal for the week is again to do more research. Also, to not cut myself or anything else bad.

Mich said...

Monday is definitely the first day of the week.

How's the new car working out? Well I hope!

Hope you're having a good week.
xoxo said...

I think I must be constantly dehydrated. I'm completely incapable of drinking water as well, haha.

How's the new car?!