Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Temptation Tuesday 2

This week's theme... tempting vacations!  This pictures tempt me to jump right in, take off, head in, etc.

Any pretty beach will do.

J'habite a Paris!  Ok, not really.  But I wouldn't mind if I did, at least for a short time (like a vacation perhaps!).  I remember very, very, very, very, very little, next-to-none francais.

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today... New York City!  I've actually been once, nearly a decade ago.  I want to go back so much.  There is lots more to see (& see again).  I want to go out to the Statue of Liberty (I went to Battery Park my last day there, didn't have the time & it was far too windy for my liking to take the boat out) & climb the Empire State Building, & plenty more.

Disney World!  I've actually been here as well, a few times, but the last time would have been prolly about a decade ago as well.  I have been to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, & Hollywood Studios (when it was still called Disney-MGM Studios).  I know there is plenty more to see here too, especially in Magic Kingdom, & especially since they added onto Fantasyland.

Greece.  I've always loved Greece, at least since I chose it as the country to do my 6th grade social studies project on.  So beautiful & so much history.

Vegas, baby!  Never been.  Think it would be fun to go!

Hawaii!  I love beaches!  Obviously, lol.  Luau outs & beaches & pretty scenery, warm weather, oh yes please!