Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have no idea what I am going to blog about, but I felt like blogging.  I suppose I could start with a little progress update.  As of Tuesday morning, I am -0.2 from my last met goal.  May have messed that up a little today, not sure.  I expect either a small gain or tiny loss or maintain in the morning.  I would obviously prefer the loss (actually, I would prefer a magical huge loss, but I'll take what I can get).  I did another whole half mile on the elliptical today!  Looking back at that last sentence sounds funny... saying "whole half" I mean.

Hmmm... I wish I had more fun stuff to talk about, but I don't.  I had an uneventful day, I only left the house to take my son to/from school & stopped by the gas station on the way to picking him up (for a fountain Sprite, which is bad, I know, but fountain soda sounded so good & like I've said before, it's better for me to give in to some cravings before they grow into a binge from being ignored).  There are lots of pretty leaves!  Last week they really started falling, it was raining colored leaves.  I do like fall, I just hate that it means winter is on it's way.  I only hate winter because it gets super cold sometimes & the roads can be nasty.  I do enjoy having a white Christmas, it is a nice benefit of living somewhere with a colder climate for winter.

I have a class reunion coming up, right after Thanksgiving.  Can't believe it's been so long.  Yeah, I'm an old fogey kinda, lol.  It will be my 10 year.  I am hoping to go, but it will depend on what else is going on & if I have the money (it's in my hometown, which is a 2 hour drive).  We had a 5 year, but I didn't go.  I hadn't planned on going because it was only a few days before my due date & it ended up being the same evening I got out of the hospital after having my baby.

Ho hum.  I guess that's all for now, think I am going to go catch up on my blog reading.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far & rather you are or not, I hope the rest of the week goes splendidly for you. <3


Kristina: Teen Mom is like a spin-off.  It follows Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, & Amber (girls from season 1 of 16 & Pregnant) as teen moms.

Almost.Skinny: Thanks!  I try not to question it too much, it's just weird, lol.  I've learned that weight/loss/etc can be tricky/weird like that though.  Glad it's in my favor this time!

Sarah: I'd like to give up job hunting for a while because I won the lottery.  But since I am screwing that up by not playing the lottery or entering sweepstakes, I guess I'll keep trying for the job thing. ;) Thanks!

Gracile: Thank you!  I wish weight would just magically disappear no matter what I ate or when I didn't exercise, that would be the best gift ever!


Mich said...

Fountain sodas are a nice treat.

I hope you go to your class reunion, and have an awesome time! My 10-year is coming up next year. I don't think I was even invited to the 5-year. :/ I suppose that's what happens when you and your friends are known as the arseholes of the entire school...


Peridot (G+P) said...

Winter roads are a BITCH! Can i come see a white christmas one day? :p I should go harass the family in Scotland for one. They get piles of snow!

Thank you :) I tried to find a cheerful looking background, and fell in love with that one.


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