Friday, October 22, 2010

Foto Friday 20

I hope you are all having swell weeks & fantastic weekends ahead!  Be strong & smile! :)

It's Foto Friday, but not just any FF... it's my 20th FF!  I kinda liked how I did a theme sorta a couple weeks ago based on stuff I saw in Target, so I thought I might do theme-like FF's from time to time.  I am doing one this week, as well as posting more than I usually do.  It is in celebration of my 20th FF AND having gotten (over)100 followers!  All of the pictures except the chart (screen capture) & last one (camera) were taken with my phone (which is typical for my pics since they load faster & stuff) so that is why the quality may not be the best.  These pictures are a little more personal than a lot that I post, I suppose, as they are all very related to me.  I might take them down (or at least some) at some point because, well, the personal nature of them, like if by some random chance someone I knew came across them or whatever.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy them! <3

This is one of my favorite necklaces, I've had it for a while.  I believe I got it at Aeropostale.

This is my journal/diary of sorts.  Except really all I use it for is to keep track of stuff.  What I ate, any exercise I might have done, places I went, pills I took, etc each day.

This is a pink football that was on the t-shirt I wore today.  I thought it was cute, plus since it's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month & there seems to be pink all over (including the NFL), it's fitting, lol.  It looks like an old shirt, but it's really not.  It pretty much came that way, you know, the distressed style, I guess.

Toast with spray butter (0 cals) & a touch of raspberry jam.  My fave is strawberry, but it was either raspberry or orange marmalade (which I've yet to try).  This was my Thursday night dinner.

Another one of my favorite necklaces, even though I don't wear it much.  Sometimes I put the smaller one on the chain instead of the bigger one which is supposed to be on it.

I use Microsoft Excel to keep track of my weight.  I have it set up to automatically chart it as well.  It also finds my average, lowest, & highest weights for the month as I enter each day.  [I'm thinking I *might* start posting these after each month is complete, maybe, to possibly motivate myself.]

This is my favorite picture frame.  As you can prolly tell, I blocked the pic that is in it.  It is a black & white picture I took of me & my lil man on his 2nd birthday.  I think this frame was like $5 @ Target!

And yes, this is me (I am a ginger, lol).  And if you notice, I am wearing the first necklace I posted.  Not a great pic, but better than a lot I have, lol.  I don't like to be in pictures, I prefer to take them (which I did take this one, but I'm in it so...).  Sorry about the sideways glance & it being cropped (my lil man was in this pic originally too).

<3 & :) to you all!


Mich said...

You're so pretty!! Haha, even if you are a ginger. :p

I LOVE that fairy necklace, with the blue wings. Where'd you get it? And I'm making a chart in Excel as we speak....


Piglet said...

You are beautiful! One hot Momma! haha

I wish I were a ginger!

Lund3on said...

You're so pretty! I don't think I've seen pics of you. I like the pics! And the necklace is really pretty. I see people with a similar one and I always think it's pretty! :)

tracy said...

Emry, you are just so beautiful! Lovely one!

and i am loving on the blue fairy very pretty!

Thank you for such a great post! :)


jd said...

You're so cute!

That's really neat that you use Excel to track your weight. I might look into that!

Sarah said...

Love this! You're SO cute!!

Lilah Lee said...

Aww you're a hot little ginger!!


Stick Thin said...

Cute you :p. Have fun with the little one!

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