Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have a secret to tell you, I've not told anyone at all so far.  I'm thinking of running away from home... for a few days.  Can you even do that at my age?  I don't know, but I have all but certainly decided that I am, tomorrow, after work, not coming home for at least a couple days.  The only real hard part for me is that I wouldn't be taking my son, but I know he'll be fine with his daddy & his paternal family for a couple of days.  I'd just miss him terribly.  I'd prolly go stay with a childhood friend a couple hours away.  I don't know that time away will help or worsen anything.  I just don't want to continue feeling like I am sinking & it sounds like a semi-good idea right now.

Weight-wise, is okay.  I gained a bit from Christmas Eve & Christmas but lost almost half of it yesterday & gained 0.2 back this morning (but it's already gone as I haven't had anything other than chewed a piece of gum).

I don't know how much I will be online if I'm away, at least on Blogger.  But if you want to email me because you need to vent or you get bored or for any other reason, feel free.  That is something I can easily check & keep up with from my phone (as well as check comments left for me here usually or Twitter). You can also try texting me at (989) 372-0146.  Of course, anyone is free to contact me at anytime, when I am around or not.  It helps to have people out there, no matter how far or near they are, & rather we know them well (or in person) or not.  I hope to hear from some of you, but I know it's a busy time of year & everyone has other things to do.  But I am here, if you need or want someone to talk to, anytime.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & the year is ending well!  Good luck with setting new resolutions & goals for the New Year! I <3 you all!!!


AnaNae said...

I so wish I could run away for a few days! But my husband works and we don't have family to help with the kids! I know how it feels to feel like you are sinking and can't climb out! I am just hanging in here by a thread... It is starting to fray, hopefully I can find some footing before I completely lose it and fall like I have before. Hope it gets better!


Believe&&Lose said...

I know how it feels to want to run away... I never have, but I know what it feels like to want to.

I sincerely hope that this time away will do some good. I know that taking myself away from school and other stresses is a great thing for me. And I hope it will be for you too.

Good luck with everything, love =]

Melissa said...

I believe that time away from anything in general can make things better. Instead of calling it running away, consider it a mini vacation.
I hope things get better for you dear!
stay strong

Skinny Jeans said...

I also think that getting away for a little bit can be very refreshing. Doesn't always solve the problem but gives you some time away and usually a more positive perspective on things when you return.
Enjoy your time with your childhood friend!

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm sorry you feel the need to do this. Consider leaving a note to explain! Your family would be so worried about you.
I hope that this trip will refresh you and give you what you need.

Mich said...

Sometimes you just need to get away! I say go for it. I hope you have an awesome time. <3

Cora said...

I hope this will give you some time to clear your head and figure out what you want to do next. Sometimes it's good to just get away. I will definitely try to text you once I get my phone back, ah, the perks of being controlled by my parents. Stay safe, love.