Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is my 100th post!  I thought I would share a video, from How I Met Your Mother's 100th episode.  Seems fitting.  Plus I so love that show! :)

I am up 8 pounds from New Year's day.  I am up 11 pounds from my lowest weight of 2011.  I am only 5.6 pounds below the weight I was at when I started this blog almost a year ago.  Awful.  Disappointing in that I lost weight & gained the majority of it back & most of it recently.  But I need to get back on track.  I am hoping to lose weight by eating decently & exercising.

I recently found out I am going to be way more broke than I thought, so I am hoping that that information will help curb my spending money on junky food, such as fast food & snacks.  Stupid gas prices & stupid not getting enough hours at work/not finding a new job (I like my work place & the people I work with, I just wish I could make more money working there).

I need motivation.  It sucks that I am tired most of the time (due to insomnia issues that affect my sleep quantity and/or sleep quality).  I wish I could get my hands on Adderall or something similar to it.  That would be great.  But alas, I have no connections & no money anyhow.

I got my blender out today (it's been stored for over a year since my last move because there was already one here until recently) & there was a crack all the way down the side.  I didn't notice it when I filled it with water but I did when I turned the blender on as it was leaking down the side.  Dislike.  Later on when my son's father stopped by, the subject came up & my son had an idea that a blender would be a good idea for Mother's Day & then later on his father asked if I would rather have that instead of a card & candy/flower type stuff.  Um, heck yeah!  So that's hooray!  (on 2 accounts I suppose, since if I were to receive candy or cake it would be sitting around tempting me to gain more weight essentially so I will avoid that plus get a blender & not have to buy it)  He said it wouldn't be much a surprise this way but he figured he better ask before I decided to get one before then (which is totally possible if I found a decently priced one & could let myself spend the $ to get it) but I said I didn't mind at all.

Anyone have any wonderful plans for the weekend/Mother's Day (as either a mother or child of a mother)?  I am working Friday for a few hours & again on Sunday, plus my son has a game & team pictures Saturday.

And since it's less than an hour from being Friday, I think I shall post a few pics from my phone from April!

This was actually sent to me by a friend who was on vacation, visiting Animal Kingdom @ Disney World.

 Apparently someone dropped (threw in anger? tried to juggle? played kick the jar?) a jar of pickles in the parking lot of the grocery store.  They seemed to have gotten most of the glass but left behind the pickles & the smell.

 Although this is a onesie for a baby, I feel I can relate to this.

 A strawberry smoothie from the little food place at Target.  Tastes just like a strawberry Fruit Rollup to me.


Mich said...

How was that smoothie? Looks yummie!

Nice one on the blender. :D I asked for a new blender for Christmas, but Mum doesn't believe in that sort of thing (she thinks I should trade my Susie-Homemaker tendencies for a career. HA!). Mine's old and the blades are all messed up. Though I did get a crock pot for Christmas...

I hope you have a nice Mother's Day!! You deserve it. <3 I'm on a mission to find lamb kidneys for Mum's dinner. Apparently it's illegal to sell them?? I'm sure I'll find a good Irish butcher somewhere who keeps a stash in the back...

Loved your foto Friday, as always!