Friday, May 13, 2011

Foto Friday 29

I know there isn't a Foto Friday 28 (not sure if anyone else notices/would notice or not) post, but it was actually included as part of my last post, title Ahundred.  This is now my 101st post & tomorrow it will have been one year since my 1st post!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Special shout-out to Mich for recent commenting.  I watched the video of the girl meeting Justin Bieber, that is so neat (for her, lol)!  I got a crock pot for Christmas a few years ago but have yet to use it!  Which is crazy because I totally should, they are so neat & so many things you can make with them, I just forget I have it or don't have stuff to use in it.  I'm lazy about it I guess, lol.  Also, I read on your blog you found some lamb kidneys, so hooray for that!

And now, onto some pictures...

Slightly blurry photo of a fireworks display, set up as soon as Easter was over.  Holidays come sooner every year!
 Creepy baby on an ad on Facebook to become a social worker.  That baby doesn't make me want to become one.  I don't know what it is, but the baby is so creepy, like it's possessed or evil or something & would come after you.

Picture of a lil cute puppy that was in the online newspaper.  I wish I could have it! :/

Such a pretty blue color, especially for a flower!

Another Facebook ad.  What the crap?

A message in the sand!


tracy said...

Hi Emry,
That baby IS creepy! And the puppy is adorable!

Thanks for another great photo Friday! :)


Mich said...

Aww thanks for the shout out madam!!

I'm super jealous of your fireworks display. They're illegal here, and in New York next door. >:( But if I drive 90 minutes west, there is a HUGE fireworks warehouse wholesaler about 6 inches across the Pennsylvania border.

That baby is really scary.


Kitty said...

Haha, some of these pictures are hilarious. You're right about the baby, it looks possessed!

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