Monday, November 1, 2010


I have been away for a while.  Well, not really away, I've still been reading other blogs & leaving comments (especially last night & today), but I haven't posted.  I know I missed Foto Friday too.  Friday was just an awful day for me mentally & I didn't do much of anything.  I didn't forget about it, I just wasn't up for it.  It luckily lasted mostly just that day & I am alright now.

I had mentioned before that I thought I might post the chart from the Excel file I use to track my weight.  So here is October's.

By the way, each horizontal line is 2 pounds.  The steeper drop at the end can be explained by fasting.  The first fast started Thurs, Oct. 28 @ 10:30p & lasted until Sat, Oct. 30 @ @;30p (40 hours).  I spent a lot of Saturday morning in bed because I didn't feel well (due to fasting), upset tummy & lightheadedness/nausea when I got up for more than like 30 seconds.  I then took a 20 minute break to eat 2 slices of toast w/ spray no cal butter & a 16oz Pepsi (340 cals total).  I started fasting again at 2:50p & went for 24 hours.  Sunday I had a small bowl of mac & cheese for lunch.  Dinner was sloppy joe's, rice & chips.  Plus I had candy from my son's trick or treating.  I thought I would have gained at least a pound, but I only gained 0.2lb, which shocked me (happily).

I also met my next weight goal, assuming it sticks (so far it's been yesterday & today).  I met it yesterday, on Halloween, like I had hoped but before the weekend (with fasting) didn't think would happen.  So yay!  I would love to reach my next one by the time my 10 Year Reunion rolls around (planning on going if I can), which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th).  Even though it's only a few pounds, there are some obstacles in the way.  Aside from the possible regular daily (or nightly) struggles at times, I have my son's birthday on Wednesday (I can't believe I will have a 5 year old!) & Thanksgiving right before.  I'm a little more worried about the day to day though.  Because if I can do well on the other days, then perhaps I can make up for whatever happens on those days.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, for those of you who celebrated.  I took my son trick or treating.  I didn't dress up, unless you count that I was wearing his firefighter hat, because it kept falling off him.  And I had a green glow bracelet, lol.  I would love to dress up, if I ever go to another Halloween party or something.

So, that's what I've been up to & what is going on with me.  I hope you are all doing well & ready to rock November like a rockstar with all your goals & plans (weight & otherwise)!  Thank you all for reading & leaving me comments, & for having wonderful blogs for me to read! <3

Peridot: I love white Christmases.  I have spent a few in Florida where it's warm & doesn't snow, which was nice too.  But the Christmas during the 14 months I lived there was so weird, not to have any snow at all during the holiday season.  I hope you do get to see one sometime!

Mich, Piglet, Lund3on, Tracy, Jd, Sarah, Lilah Lee, Stick Thin: Thank you all for the compliments!  You are all lovely chicas!

Mich: I got that necklace on eBay actually.  I was just searching for fairy or Tinkerbell necklaces or something I think.  I got it a few years ago, but there are still some one there.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry that Friday sucked. Don't stress about not posting. We understand. :)
Congrats on reaching your goal as well. You're such a star!
Look after yourself, gorgeous.

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