Friday, June 3, 2011

Foto Friday 30

 "Required for entry" reads the fine print.  Yes, even on a sandy dune at the beach it is important to wear protection apparently (thankfully).  Provided by Planned Parenthood.  And no, this is most definitely not mine.

UV Blue (blue raspberry vodka) & Sprite, yum!

 Banana smoothie!

 Sunset over Lake Michigan.

 Binge.  Spread out over like 2-3 hours, & definitely stuffed me nonetheless.  The 2nd sundae (the hot fudge one) was not part of the plan but McD's messed up & made the wrong one so they gave me both.  Also pictured: caramel sundae, chicken nuggets, cherry turnover, raspberry bismark, & 100 Grand candy bar.  And sadly, that wasn't all I ate that day, just the early afternoon. :/

It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillowpet!  I just like the big ole smile & purple color of this.  Maybe if it were way cheaper I'd have brought her home.


zette said...

i have that pillow pet. i looove my hippo. my ex bought it for me. love that beach photo. &i've never tried blue raspberry vodka. maybe i'll put that in my plans next weekend. hm. stay strong, doll, don't worry about the binge. maybe just avoid mcdonalds.

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