Monday, June 13, 2011


Who wants to keep gaining weight?  Apparently, I do.  I don't but I still am.  Up to 118.6 lbs this morning.  My low for the year is 103.something & I maintained around 105-107 for a while.  So today I am going to try yet again to start doing better.  I was going to try to stick to liquids but I decided I would just try to keep my intake in check & shoot for just getting the scale down.  Shouldn't be too hard after yesterday.  Yesterday I didn't eat a whole lot earlier in the day (I had an iced coffee & yogurt parfait from McD's for breakfast) but in the evening I had too much.  I had a cookie dough flurry around 4ish.  Then a couple hours later I have rootbeer, steak on the grill, garlic bread, steamed cauliflower/broccoli for dinner.  And that wouldn't have been awful but then I had a bunch of peanut m&ms.  And then late at night a can of soda & a slice of pizza.  And yesterday was preceded by other awful eating days.  So, like I said, as long as I don't eat a bunch today, I ought to be able to lose.  So far I had a slice of pizza (the last one so there's no more to tempt me either).

My problem is I am lazy with exercise.  I don't like it usually.  I like it if it's fun, like going out dancing or playing tennis with a friend, or walking to somewhere (having a destination is usually more motivating for me, unless it's just walking along/around the beach).  I don't have many opportunities to do this type of stuff.  And I can't motivate myself to just exercise for the sake of exercising usually.

I would much rather talk myself into doing the exercise thing & eating healthy instead of being lazy & restricting myself more than I should & all that.  But aside from being lazy about exercise, I like too many non-healthy foods, lol.  Maybe I need a buddy or something to demotivate me from eating bad choices & motivating me to make better ones about food/exercise, lol.

Anyways, on a completely different subject, I am going to vent a bit, lol.  I just started watching 'The Voice' last week (from the beginning though & I'm now caught up).  I am not a big reality show watcher & I'm not into American Idol or America's Got Talent, so it's not about the whole being a singing competition show.  I actually decided to check it out because I super <3 Adam Levine & he's one of the coaches.  Anyways, my vent is about Christina Aguilera.  During the times when the coaches comment on performance & stuff, she annoys me quite a bit because she interrupts people (especially the other coaches) way too often.  When Adam told her to shut up this last week (because she had interrupted yet again) & Blake Shelton thanked him, I couldn't agree more.

And, I hated her hair & make up this week.  She had way too much hair & the make up was just weirdly done.  She kind of reminded me of Miss Piggy (& not because she's a bit heavier than she used to be, which she is) because of her eyes (from the way her make up was done) & all the blonde hair.  I'm not hating on her (okay, obviously I am a little).  I think she does a fine job coaching & when she's with her team & her performances & stuff, it's just all her interrupting & some of the comments she makes during this time.  End rant.

Also about that show, this last week, when Lily from Team Christina was performing Big Girls Don't Cry, I thought she kind of looked like Miley Cyrus (whom I don't necessarily care about one way or the other personally).

On a related note, does anyone watch The Voice or So You Think You Can Dance?  There are some awesome competitors on both shows, some great talent.  I think if I could choose to have the talent to be on either show, it would actually be SYTYCD.  I would love to be a super awesome dancer, especially if I could have the ability to be awesome at multiple genres of dance.

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!


Run said...

I've heard so much about The Voice but we don't get it in the UK.

I agree with Christina looking like Miss Piggy because of her hair and make up. She used to look so good and these days... Well not so good. Still has a great voice though. :)

Fed Up said...

I agree. Exercise is HARD! I quit for a long time and have finally forced myself back into the gym this year. Only 2x per week. I can't handle more then that but I think it helps.

And I think Christina looks terrible. Such heavy make up. What's with all of that too white blonde hair and her face looks chubby. said...

You definitely try taking dance classes, Zumba, or a spinning class if you have trouble exercising if it's not fun.

Personally, I just listen to my iPod on the treadmill at the gym and the music distracts me enough to make it bearable.

As far as Wii Fit goes - I was at GameStop the other day and they had the Balance Board for just $60 and I think the Wii Fit Plus disc was only $10 or $15. Getting one used might be a good option since they are so expensive new.

Thanks for the comment!

Good luck with your weight loss!


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