Saturday, June 18, 2011


I wish I had some pics for Foto Friday, but I don't really have many.  I am spending my Friday shopping (mostly browsing/window shopping/wish I had a limitless credit card I didn't have to pay off) so perhaps I will see some interesting or different or random things or something so that I will have some for next week.

Christina Aguilera looked better this week on 'The Voice', I thought.  Much better with the hair pulled back & the make up (while still dark, that wasn't the problem, it was something about how it was contoured or something).  Adam is still my favorite coach, lol.  Doubt that will change. ;)

Some linkage...
Wii Fit Plus Bundle with Balance Board on sale this week in weekly ad & online for $69 @ Target

<3 Shout Outs (to all the lovely comment-leavers) (which I am way behind on, so there are quite a few): Tracy (x2), Kitty (x3), Mich (x3), CE, Zette, Run, Fed Up, &  And now for some replies to some of those comments...
***Kitty: I have no idea how anyone could let their child gain such an incredible amount of weight either.  I have a 5 year old & if he even started to get heavy (& I don't mean just a lil chubby or something as I want him to be healthy & have a healthy attitude about his body & eating), I would start having him eat better.  Also, I like the quote you left...  "It doesn't matter how long it takes you, as long as you do not stop."  I think that's important to remember, because stopping will get you less far than starting again & again (& again & again sometimes, lol).
***Tracy: Sorry to hear about your dad & the rough time you are having.  I don't mind you coming here & venting a bit, feel free.  I hope it helps at least a tiny bit to get it out & feel free to take over the comment section with some ranting/venting if it will!
***Fed Up: Yes, every little bit does help!  I try to at least cut myself slack on the fact that when I work, I am at least getting some sort of tiny bit of exercise, since I am standing or walking or even climbing ladders a tad for a few hours or so.
*** Target has the Wii Fit Plus Bundle with Balance Board on sale this week (in their weekly ad as well as online) for $69.  Which is a good price, I'm just broke, lol.  I do have some more fun options for workout dvds, like I have Zumba & something else similar (Yoga Booty Ballet maybe?, for some reason I think I have that) & I like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, part of my problem is getting motivated to start, lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh yah a limitless credit card is the dream! haha. hope you had fun tho! And thanks for the links, theyre quite interesting and helpful! :)