Monday, November 8, 2010


Confestions = confessions + questions, get it?  Yeah, I'm a lil dorky at times. :-P  I've had this done for a lil while, just needed to finish up a couple small things to post it.  Kept forgetting or having other posts though.  This might be kind of long...

Random stuff about me...
*I was a cheerleader for both football & basketball for 3 years (8th-10th grade).

*I ran track in high school, all 4 years.  I originally joined to have something to do in the spring sports season, but ended up loving it even though I wasn't very good.  I mostly ran sprints (100m, 200m) at first, but eventually I did the 100m & 800m, & also occasionally relays.  I tried long jump (because my coach made me), but having short legs doesn't help you jump far, plus it messed with my knee.

*The above mentioned knee injury was actually from a 4th grade winter recess game of kickball, when I went to take off from 2nd base, I slipped & hit my knee on the patch of ice on the base.  It rarely bothers me though.

*I don't actually hate food, as much as I wish I did though.  I hate what it does.  It makes me gain weight/fat, crave it, & it taunts me.

*I chose to major in psych because it was the only subject in high school (& that class was only half a year long) that I had any further interest in.  I still haven't a clue what I want to do in the field.

*I chose my minor to be sociology simply out of convenience.  I already had almost enough credits to do so, so I went ahead & finished them up.

*If I could choose any food to be calorie/fat free (& still taste the same), I think it would have to be ice cream.

*I'm short, as many may know since my height is over in the side bar.  I'm less than 5'.  I love it!  I know a lot of shorties don't, but I've never had a problem with it & wished to be taller.  It's much easier to hem pants or get a stool (verses pants being too short or having to constantly duck under stuff).

*I don't think this has been addressed on here before, but the name of my blog/my screen name is totally unrelated to my actual name.  I just thought it sounded pretty & wanted something unrelated so that people in my offline life wouldn't stumble across this stuff too easily.

Reader suggestions/questions...
What are you dreams like? do you dream in colour/bw.. slow/fast/normal.. can you control them? are you aware you're dreaming? 
I don't remember my dreams for the most part.  Sometimes I wonder if I dream less because of my sleep issues (especially the waking up a lot part since it seems I'd be less likely to get to the dream point of sleep.  Of those I remember, my dreams are usually in color, normal speed.  I don't recall really being able to control them but there are many times I am aware I am dreaming.

Do you have any quirks? 
I'm sure I do.  Lots, lol.  To name a couple... I always have to check the door a few times to make sure it's locked, even if it means coming back around the block (or a few).  Same thing with candles & hair styling tools being out/off.  I have to have covers when I go to bed, blanket or sheet or whatever, even if it's barely covering me.

Whats your fave food/exercise? 
My favorite food, I have so many, unfortunately, lol.  I think ice cream is definitely up there though.  My fave exercise would prolly be when it isn't purposed for that, like going for a random walk, out dancing, etc.

What were your eating habits like as a child?
Picky.  I am & always have been a picky eater, there are just a lot of things I don't like.  Although I am better now about trying new things or things that I didn't like when I was younger.  I ate whatever I wanted when I was younger, mainly sweets, without consequences, up until around puberty.

MichWhat was your biggest fear when you were seven-ish years old?
I don't remember.  I remember that I was worried my house/apt would catch fire & I would lose all my stuff quite often when I was younger.  My mom was pregnant around that time too & I wanted her to have a boy so I wouldn't have to share my room (though I guess I didn't fear it).

Recent questions from Formspring...
French Fries or Curly Fries? (TankSanchez)
The only time I really get curly fries is once in a great while at Arby's, but I do love them, I just have french fries more often.

2012, do you believe the myth? (TankSanchez)
I figure it's possible but it's also possible that it isn't true at all.  Only time will tell & there's no reason to worry about it right now.

Do you get on with your parents? (disorderedghost)
I assume this is asking if I get along with my parents, & yes, I do.

longest time you've been off school? why? (disorderedghost)
I took 3 years off between high school & college because I was absolutely bored with school & was afraid I would fail out or quit if I went right away.

most anoying thing about the internet? (disorderedghost)
Improper word use (your/you're, their/there, etc) & reading stuff overly written/typed in text mode (all shortened, letters left out, etc).

can you do the rubiks cube? (disorderedghost)
Never solved it. Don't have the attention span.

longest time you've fasted for? (disorderedghost)
Just over 4 days.  104 hours I think it was.  Fasted on water & diet soda & maybe some gum.  Back in either late 2000 or early 2001.

restricting or fasting? (disorderedghost)
Restricting, so my metabolism doesn't shut down & so I don't get too weak to care for my son (anything else I could care less about, I would push through but that is one thing I won't sacrifice or have to worry about).

favourite low cal snack? (disorderedghost)
Saltines. I don't know it they are my favorite taste wise, but they are 60 cals per 5 (usually), they don't trigger me to eat other things & they are a quick way to quiet hunger or nausea.

So there ya have it!  If you have any more questions, now or at any time, feel free to ask.  You can comment on here or email me or use social media.  I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit about me! <3  Have a great day/night! :)


Mich said...

I love being a shorty! I feel all warm inside knowing that I take up a lot less space than tall people. Is that weird? Although I do have fun standing on stools and chairs to make myself the same height as my tall friends. It's weird looking at the world from that height...


Believe&&Lose said...

Nice survey type thing lol. Very informative =] I feel like i know you this >> << much more now!

and Thanks for the advice in ipecac. I've never used it before, so I am very open to opinions from people such as yourself who has used it. Maybe I will refrain as well lol

Kristina said...

I couldn't be a shortie. 5'5 or 5'6 is bad enough haha. Maybe it's just cos I like having the height being friends with mainly guys?

It's weird bending down so I am on par with my shorty friends. Different persective indeed.

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