Sunday, November 14, 2010


A little thinspo (kinda) to get the post started.  This is a screen shot of the November (so far) archive of my tumblr.  As you can see, there are a lot of thinspo posts.  I try to post thinspo a few times a week & usually a few at a time.  Some are from the folder on my computer, some are ones I came across on the net at that time, & others are reblogs from tumblr.  So if you ever want to go check it out, go for it (lol)!  I obviously post it there more than on the one page I have here that I only update with a few pics every month or so.  It's much fresher & ongoing over there.

Anyways... pretty uneventful weekend really, & week as well, but I suppose that can be a good thing.  Especially compared to a drama filled one.  I started a temporary/holiday job.  It's barely any hours/week, but it is at least something.  It distracts me too.  It helps me not eat during that time, because I haven't brought in anything with me & I have stayed away from the vending machines.  It's too bad the shifts aren't longer, lol.  But then again if they were, I would prolly have to take a lunch break & that is a waste of time, right?  What would I do?  Eat?  Pretty likely, so boo to that.  If I do ever have any longer shifts I will have to bring something to do along (read, crossword, whatever) or stay busy on my phone.

The scale has been decently nice to me this week.  I have been somewhat slowly going down, but I will take what I can get.  Yesterday I hit a new (known) year low & today I beat that.  Hopefully that keeps up.  I did a few 24 hour fasts, which helps a bit, even though I eat a small meal type inbetween.  One day I ended up having 2 because I got a last minute (had to go) invite to dinner at family's.  It wouldn't have been so bad had I not just literally finished my fast break.  Or not touched the second biscuit (I am a sucker for carbs, especially in the form of rolls, noodles, etc).  I maintained from that, so it wasn't too awful.

I also bought some green tea pills (generic mega T) yesterday, right before work.  I took one then & then one this afternoon (supposed to take 2, one in morning & then afternoon).  Yesterday I didn't get tired at work, despite standing the whole time (6 hours minus one 15 min break) & it being during the evening when I usually hit my lull when I get tired but it's too late for a nap & too early for bed.  And today I didn't notice much tiredness either, & a few moments a lil... I don't know the word, it's almost jittery but not, almost like the step before, if that makes sense.

I used my elliptical this week!  Yay! I did 2 miles 5 days, none on Friday, & only 1 today.  Plus I worked 6 hour shifts Friday (with no break other than to pee & get a drink from the water fountain) & Saturday (one 15 min break) where I was standing the whole time.  Mostly just standing in place, but it's something I suppose.

I hope you are all doing fabulous!  I've noticed some people are having a rough time while others seem to be doing quite well.  I enjoy any type of blog posts (of course I don't want you to be upset in any way, but if you are, I am glad you can vent on blogger & hopefully it will help in some way).  Have a wonderful week! :)


Cora said...

Wow, you sound like you're doing so well. I can relate to how you feel on the green teat pills. I took the same kind and I know exactly what you mean by "almost jittery." It just makes me feel more awake than usual. I miss those diet pills. I hope your doing very well=] and sorry I've not been commenting much lately.


Stephanie said...

I just started a temp/seasonal job too! I'm a door greeter at Dick's sporting...really boring. but i really need the money and it is a distraction. I might be getting a part time nanny job too, so fingers crossed. I'm glad your scale has been good to you...mine has been very mean. very, very mean....well, i'm off to work.enjoy your night!

Lilah Lee said...

That's so awesome that oyu have an elliptical! I want one soooo bad!!

I would be on that thing like crazy!!!!

Good luck :)

Mich said...

Good luck with the new job. And I'm super jealous of your elliptical. I've gone through 2 cheap ones and they both broke within a month. >:(

My friend totally had that pink electronic diary you posted in your comment!! I forgot about that one--I think it was more fun than the Casio. Ahh memories.....


♥♥SL♥♥ said...

I'm glad to see you are doing so well! I just recently started working and it has kept my mind off of things.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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