Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Jeese, I am doing horribly food/weight wise.  Really.  Gained weight recently.  Almost back up to my last met goal before the one I met most recently. :(  I am resetting my most recently met one because of this & the fact that I've been above it for a while (but mainly it had been less than a pound above until the last few days).

I can't even blame it on the holidays, because it has nothing to do with them.  I haven't been to any holiday parties/events or been around people's (or even my own) baking.  I've just been making horrible decisions about what & how often I eat.  I blame myself, but I'm trying not to be too down on myself, because I know that won't help.  I just need to start making better choices.  I'm still taking generic green tea pills (though I am horrible at remember to take them twice a day & every day) & I also dug out the xenadrine that has been in storage for almost a year (so maybe they are expired because they were already not-new before that) because I was recently reminded by Lund3on about them (pretty sure I got mine at Target too, lol), although I haven't taken any yet (at least not since before they were stored away).

Got my tree up this weekend, yay!  Not much else going on, just taking care of the lil one & working the seasonal part time job, plus some Christmas gift shopping here & there.

I hope everyone else is doing great & feeling motivated! <3

Mich: I adore being short too, I like to jump up on counters & climbing things.  I did know about cocaine being in Coke back in the day.  It's crazy all the drugs that are illegal now that used to be used as medicine to cure things like headaches, colds, etc.

Believe&&Lose: I'm glad you didn't mind my advice about the ipecac.  Hoping you decided not to use it. ;)

Peridot: I actually don't mind sorting things & that once I get myself around to it (meaning I get lazy & procrastinate like everything else, lol).  I think it might be costly to do your attic though, considering the mileage/travel cost alone, lol. ;)


Cora said...

It's always good not to get too down on yourself. I hope things get better for you love. Good luck with the upcoming holidays=]


Mich said...

Sounds like you have a good attitude, even if you gained a little. And the right attitude is half the battle!

Photos of your Christmas tree? We put ours up this weekend too, but there's no lights on it yet, so it looks a bit sad. I think the fam is just waiting for me to do all the lights, because they're all quite lazy. :/


Sarah said...

Hang in there!!!

tracy said...

Re The "Coke"
There was this great series, "Illeagal Drugs and How They Got That Way"...did anyone out there see it? Fantastic and the narrator had this bizzare, kind of haunting voice. Easy to see how she got the job! It was a great history lesson and just so interesting.

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