Friday, December 10, 2010

Foto Friday 24

With it being the holiday season & considering we got the tree up last weekend, I thought I would post a few pics of the Christmas tree for Foto Friday this week (plus the lovely Mich mentioned it, so I thought you all might enjoy some).  We have a fake tree, that had the lights already attached so I don't have to string lights.  I don't have any of the whole tree right now because the one I took got deleted off my camera by accident.

Thanks to Cora, Mich, & Sarah for the nice comments on my last post.  And Tracy, I have seen some shows/docs on tv of that sort, so I may have seen that program, but I can't be sure.

Hope everyone had a fabulous week & a wonderful weekend ahead! <3

 The tree topper.  It is silver but has some greyish blue beads in it too.  This was before it was on the tree & I darkened the background so you could see it a little better.

My reindeer.  Actually a small stuffed animal that I sit on the tree.

Clear glass bulb.  The blue one is plastic I believe.  And one of my little silver bells.

Glass angel.


lou said...

cute decorations..
nothing wrong with a fake tree, I have a lil cute pink one up right now..
enjoy your weekend

Believe&&Lose said...

I have a fake tree too, less fire hazard lol. I adore christmas decorations =]

Are you talking about the shows like "What's eating you?" Because I like that there are Ana oriented shows on nowadays, Plus, I'm a CNA, so I can just tell my family that I'm researching the topic while I watch for inspiration =D

Love you =] and sorry for butting in to the convo, just curious =D

tracy said...

Hey, Emry, thanks for the comment! :)

Your little reindeer is just adorable!

Sending love,

Moonlight Mistress (formerly Piglet) said...


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