Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello.  It is nearly 2am & I don't feel like sleep is coming any time soon.  Only a few hours ago, I was exhausted to the point of not being able to keep my eyes open & being quite out of it.  But I guess spending a couple hours in that half-awake but mostly-asleep state screwed me, but it's not like I could help it.  I just finished watching Zombieland.  I <3 Emma Stone.

I've been eating a lot of crap, but I was losing for a few days there despite that, perhaps with the help of the green tea pills & xenadrine.  Until I ate Chinese (honey chicken & fried rice) Saturday & gained 1.2, which I then maintained this morning.  I suck.  I am not sure how my weigh in in the morning will go, any kind of loss would be great.  Any gain would be unappreciated.

Despite this, I have plans to eat horrible tomorrow.  I am craving onion rings from Arby's.  I wanted them for dinner tonight, but I talked myself into waiting since I had already had some junky-ish type food.  I'm prolly going to eat that before work & then try not to eat much else, other than little somethings so I can take pills without having to worry about feeling nauseous.  Luckily I work 6 hours so that should help, especially since I won't need to take a lunch & therefore have less time to think about it.  And hopefully since I work until 9pm, I can keep myself away from eating much of anything after.  Sometimes I am really good about talking myself out of eating late at night, while other times I am horrible at it.

I've gotten 2 new followers since like yesterday!  That's awesome!  I am always excited to see even one new comment or follower when I get on here.  Seriously, I adore it. :)

Brrr is it cold here.  Bah humbug to that, lol.  I can deal with snow (which I love to have for a white Christmas) & even the cold isn't horrible because I can bundle up &/or stay inside.  The worst part about winter, to me, are the awful road conditions that occur.  The other night was horrible driving home because it had rained & turned to snow  the roads were mushy-slushy & I was worried there might be ice patches.  Last night was better, because they were cleared at least (well the highway which most of my traveling was done on was) but it was super windy & really biting cold.

Believe&&Lose: The type of shows we were talking about had to do with drugs, specifically ones that are now illegal but used to be used for remedies & such.  And feel free to butt in, I enjoy any conversing that occurs here. ;)

I hope you are all doing wonderfully & having a great December!  I hope those of you who are in school are doing well with finals & enjoy your upcoming (or already occurring) break. <3


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