Friday, September 10, 2010

Foto Friday 14

Caramel Tootsie Pops.  These are yummy!  If you like caramel hard candy & tootsie rolls, lol.  60 calories.


Zatarain's Black Beans & Rice.  1 cup has 220 calories & fills me up really well.

Pretty pink flower.

I like this picture because even though there are tons of clouds overhead, there aren't any blocking the sun setting, & it's shining over the ground.  It makes the ground look really goldish.  Kinda almost looks photoshopped/altered, but it's not.

Yep, I do, it's true!  I <3 every single one of you who follow my blog, read my blog, & comment on my blog.  You are all awesome!


Piglet said...

We <3 you tooo!!

zen said...

Although that photo of Zatarain's looks a bit like dog puke... I am REALLY craving some. Black beans and rice is yum.
Love the vivid flower and wheat grass too.
Wait... do you take these pics?? If so, I was only joking about the dog puke thing. ;)

Almost.Skinny said...

You too! :)
& love the photo of the clouds, the contrast of light and colour is gorgeous. xxx

Mich said...

That photo of the clouds and the sunset is beautiful! Did you take that? Where is it?


Issyla said...

Oh my gosh, caramel is my weakness. I'm totally craving one of those tootsie pops now =) I love all your pictures, did you take them?

<3 Issyla

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