Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have 96 followers!  Like, that's just totally wow! to me.  I remember when I started this blog, I thought how awesome it would be to even get a few & now I am at 96.  I was stuck at 90 for a long while, then 91 for a bit, then the past few days I have gotten some more.  It's awesome & I love you all for following me even though I may be boring at times or not post as much as I wish I did.  Only 4 away from 100!  I mentioned before I might consider changing my profile pic to or posting a real pic if I got to 100.  So maybe I should really start thinking about that!

I was thinking, if I keep gaining & do get 100, maybe I could decide to post a pic when I do the confessional/answer blog post thingy I mentioned near the end of my last post.  Still waiting to see if I get more questions/suggestions too.  Thanks to Almost.Skinny & Mich for their input!

I did lose the other .6 lb to get back to my goal but suckily gained it right back this morning.  And I am pretty sure I am in for a gain come morning.  Stupid effin carbs!  That's what has gotten me the last couple days.  It usually is what screws me.  If not carbs, than sugary/sweets.  I'm craving fountain Sprite (or a similar substitute) so I think maybe I will have that for lunch tomorrow & then have something for dinner (small).  Not sure about breakfast, I usually try to eat something small (& sometimes breakfast & lunch are combined because I get out of bed/get around so late) with my pills (vitamin B complex & caffeine).

Not sure what else I got going on tomorrow.  Maybe more job stuff most likely, putting in/getting apps.  Gotta take the lil one to/from school.  New Grey's Anatomy!  (<~ Jesse Williams, plays Dr. Jackson Avery. He's my fave new person ever on that show! ;) Not too sad at all to hear he's supposed to be getting shirtless sometime this season.)  Be great if I motivated or forced myself to do some sort of exercise, I'm very not into that at all these days.  Boo.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week & if not, I hope it becomes wonderful!  I know things may be or seem rough, rather it be something beyond your control or something you feel you've messed up (such as failing at a plan/eating/etc), but you can start over at any moment!  You can start over each day, or even later in the day.  It's never too late to begin again!  I know that all sounds corny & super-optimistic, but it is true & I wish I reminded myself more.  I'm really good at being optimistic for others (as some of you may notice in my comments I leave or some stuff I post on here to you readers), not always so much for myself!


Thank you all for compliments on my pictures!  It really means a lot to me!  I get them from people in my 'real life' too sometimes & I am always so surprised & excited when anyone says anything positive about them.  I am so happy that you all seem to enjoy Foto Friday, I enjoy doing them! <3

Jordan: I agree about the hoarders & the "love" for pets.  It's hard to believe someone appreciates/loves pets when they allow them to live that way (such as in their own excrement) & it is to the point where they are getting lost & dying/being killed.

Tracy: Glad ya like the new look!  I think it's more fallsy now.  I won't show up at your door step with the Intervention people, I promise. ;) I always wonder if the people who are the target on that show are suspicious since they agree to be apart of a show about addiction.  Surely some of them have seen it before? lol.

Mich: I have no idea how people let their home get like that. Especially the ones who are still in denial that they have a problem when their house is threatened with being condemned. I also don't know why people go on shows (reality tv, talk shows, whatever) & act a fool or air their dirty laundry, etc. Or when they take someone on tv to tell them a secret (I'm cheating on you, you may not be my baby daddy, I'm a prostitute, I'm really a man, etc). Kinda insensitive & inconsiderate way of going about it.


Jessica said...

Congrats on 96 followers! So much ^_^

I'm with you, I love Sprite a lot but lately I've been drinking AriZona Iced Tea/Green Tea, it's only 100 calories and it's 99 cents (without tax lol).

Almost.Skinny said...

Congrats on 96 followers :) you'll be at 100 in no time!
If you want an alternative to sprite mineral water with stevia and a squeeze of lemon juice is really yummy! and low cal (& less chemicals)
Thank you for sharing your optimism and positivity! I really needed it today.
Stay strong xxx

Elle said...

Yay! Go 100!! XD

zette said...

of course you have 96 followers. you're awesome. &you're such a sweetie. thanks for all the encouragement. sorry there hasn't been much coming from me.

when i crave soda i get a market pantry drink (raspberry-blackberry sparkling water..or any other flavor) at target. they're 0cals &they're super sweet. just an idea. stay strong, darling. you're doing great.


Anonymous said...

96 followers, you're a bad ass! (:

Heather B said...

I'm not surprised you have so many followers... you're quite interesting. ;) I wish I was as strong as you are when it come to my diet. You seem to have a much better handle on things.

Anna said...

Lovely! Thanks for commenting..
Your pics DO look great, wow :D
Good job :D

LOVE, Anna

Sarah said...

Awww, you have so many followers cos you have such a great blog! Keep posting, okay? :)
Look after yourself, gorgeous.

Mich said...

I get fountain soda cravings too! Sometimes the canned or bottled Diet Pepsi just doesn't cut, so I'll go to Panera in my town and get a Diet Pepsi there. You know you have a problem when you know exactly which restaurant within a 20-mile radius does the best fountain sodas....

tracy said...

Congrats on your followers! Yay! That guy is haut!!! Yaow! :)