Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello!  I hope you are all doing fantastically!  I swear I've been reading all your blogs even though I have been slacking on commenting.  I did get some commenting in this weekend & since.  It seems like lately I have to catch up on a whole day (sometimes more) worth of blogs so I don't have a lot of time to leave comments as well.  I am trying to stay caught up so that I can comment as I read.  I should have plenty of time being unemployed (ugh) & my lil man is in school half a day, but I have also been helping a friend remodel & stuff.  I've been away from the internet in general.

Weight-wise I am maintaining basically.  Which is kind of surprising some days with some of the crap & the amount of food I've eaten.  So even though it is kind of frustrating not to be moving down on the scale, it is surely mucho better than moving up!

It's just about fall, according to the calendar!  Leaves are already starting to change here & it's been cooled off (except today, when it's going to/is warmer).  I like fall: the pretty leaves, the smells, wearing hoodies & sweaters, not feeling so sweaty.

The one thing I dislike about it though is that winter comes after it & I dislike that a lot!  It isn't winter I don't like, or even the snow, it's the bitter cold that tends to come with it.  If winter could be shorter & never get too cold, it'd be okay.  Or if it could just be snowy/cold around Christmas time & that was it.  But winter lasts too long & the temps drop too much.  Makes me question why I would move back up north after loving Florida in the winter.  Not that I'm not used to have 'real' winters, I only lived in Florida for 14 months (one winter), but it was nice not to freeze at all during that time, lol.

Mich: That is so neat that you put that pic as your desktop!

Issyla: Senna is a laxative, often found in vegetables.  It comes in tea form too, but I take the pill form.  And I love caramel too, in fact, caramel frapps at Starbucks are one of my favorites there!


Jessica said...

I love Fall too! Especially the leaves and the fashion :D and I agree, winter sucks... I only like watching the snow fall while I'm cozy inside and Christmas time xD

Elle said...

Mmmm fall. Orange leaves, windy nights, skinny jeans, boots, slinky scarves... <3<3<3 Best time of the year!

I've been having the same problem. It's been hard enough reading all the bloggies let alone commenting. So I've been really active on twitter, but I feel like I'm neglecting the blog world.

tracy said...

Love the new blog look...fabulous!!! i love autumn too, my favorite season.

i have GAINED at least 3 ppounds...gah! "Hate on Me"! :(

tracy said...

...annnnd, apparently gained a stutter as well.....

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