Friday, September 3, 2010

Foto Friday 13

Kahiki Sweet & Sour Chicken.  Good stuff!  I only ate half the serving.  I think just under 400 calories for the whole box.

I think this kind of looks like beer, lol.  But it's part of a can of Arizona Extra Sweet Green Tea.

Yummy!  I'm not really a coffee drinker, but I do like a lot of drinks with coffee in them (cappuccino, frappiccino, etc).  This one is a caramel & white chocolate latte chilled.

I am almost always surprised that my blood pressure is in the normal range.  I can't remember it not being.  But it seems like it should be high with the way I feel sometimes.  My mom used to say I would have high blood pressure by the time I was 16, lol.

One of my fave fall candies!  A lot like candy corn, but they are such cute little pumpkins!  And no fat!


Believe&&Lose said...

The green tea really does look like beer! lol =]

tracy said...

Oh, i love those little pumpkins...and a sure sign of Autumn, my favoriye season!

v. said...

I swear that tea is beer. It really really really looks like it. And yum, that caramel and white chocolate latte looks sooooo goooooood!

I always look forward to your Foto Friday's (:

xx v

Mich said...

I can never find those little pumpkins around here. >:O Just candy corn, which makes me gag.

Haha, and good job on normal blood pressure! Mine's always been on the low side, but now it's getting ridiculous. Probably dangerously low when I'm sitting, and hovering somewhere near Dead when I go to sleep...


Lilah Lee said...


They will definitely be a problem starting this fall :)

Lovely pics as always :)


Isobel said...

Green tea and I are not friends however hard I try, but this post inspires me to stop daydreaming of pastries and go make myself a Pu'er tea.

So thanks!