Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foto Friday 15

I know this post is a day late, but yesterday ended up being kinda busy.  I ran to the store in the morning & had to get my lil man around for school then take him.  While he was at school I fixed a flat tire on his bike (he had wanted to ride it to school but we found the flat) & then drop it off at the school & come back to bike there.  Right after school we ended up going to his grandparents to go out to dinner (@ Pizza Hut) & then had a lil fire over there.  Watched the first part of season 2 of Weeds until bed time.  But I don't want to skip Foto Friday so I'm posting it a bit late.

Despite eating 3 cupcakes, Pizza Hut (I only had one cheesy breadstick & 1 slice of pizza though), & a s'more, I maintained.  Partially due to the fact I took senna yesterday, I'm sure (getting rid of anything just sitting around).  Maybe the tiny bit of walking & biking helped (though I doubt much since I didn't do a ton).  And now onto my unexciting pictures for this week...

Sample of chocolate banana smoothie from Starbucks.

Pretty pink bike I saw in a catalog.

Caramel Apple Cow Tales.  Yummy!  Only 110 calories per stick thingy (only a small piece is shown in the photo).  I love the caramel w/ cream & w/ strawberry ones too (there is a chocolate w/ cream as well).  This is super yummy!

My cranberry juice & pills yesterday morning.  The yellow one is a vitamin B complex, the white one is caffeine, & the little brownish ones are senna (I usually take 2 for a dose unless I've recently taken some within the last couple days in which case I take 3-4, & I've never taken more than one dose in a day).

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend & a supertastic September!!!


Issyla said...

Love your foto fridays =) Ahh I have a total starbucks craving right now! I used to love pretty much everything they sold there <3. Those Caramel Apple Cow Tales look delicious too, caramel and chocolate and peanut butter are my weaknesses. Um, forgive my ignorance, but what is senna? Haha

Good job maintaining! =)

Lilah Lee said...

Yea foto fridays!!!
Live the pics :)
I'm sure your son was ecstatic that you fixed his bike :)

Have a great weekend!

v. said...

Ah, gotta love those senna tablets! But it's good that you maintained (even with the handy help of dear ol' senna) (:

xx v

Anonymous said...

foto fridays! I love cranberry juice, yum.

Sarah said...

Yay! I always look forward to these Fridays. Looks great. :)

Mich said...

Ooh that is such a cute bike! I'd love a pink one.

And I always love your foto Fridays! Hope you had an awesome weekend. :-*