Sunday, August 15, 2010


So I met my goal on Friday, but I'm not counting it since it didn't stick.  I gained a pound Saturday morning & another this morning. The one I gained Saturday, I have no idea how it was so much, because I didn't eat horrible.  The one this morning I totally aw coming, I ate far too much yesterday. :(  I haven't really exercised at all either, which obviously is hurting me too.

Today I am going to try to drinks lots of water, eat lunch (got invited to lunch to have grilled burgers & if I don't, it would be noticed), & then hopefully be done with calories/food for the day.  I ate breakfast, I had 2/3rds of a bag of pretzel m&m's (100) & I'm working on a bottle of Starbucks vanilla frapp (200).  Hoping the sugar & caffeine will help get me going.  Gonna try to get stuff done around the house to distract myself.  And I have to babysit from about 3-9p.  I'll have to make dinner for the kids (plus my own), but I usually don't have what they have anyways.  When I babysat Friday night, I made them chicken nuggets, zesty fries, & applesauce.  But I had 3 fishsticks & a partial serving of zesty fries (totaled less than 200 actually).

Well that's it for now!  Just gonna try to keep myself distracted & busy & try to keep my attitude about my gains focused on reversing it, instead of getting pissed or sad & ending up adding to it.  So far, so good.

I hope all you lovely people are having a great weekend! <3 <3


bay said...

Don't worry about not sticking at your goal weight. This happens to me often even if I eat right - it's usually just water weight and you're gonna get rid off it soon. Sometimes just one cup of coffee helps ;).

Kitty said...

You sound like you're doing great, so the added pounds probably IS water weight like the person before me said. Don't worry too much. Exercise and drink a bit more water and you'll be fine. :]

Lilah Lee said...

I gained a lot this past weekend as well :/
But this week will be the best week yet right??
We can fix it no problem :D


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