Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Old Letter

I recently typed up a few things that I found from years ago.   I thought I would share a bit of it.  This is a letter I apparently wrote to myself.  I'm not sure when it was wrote, but there was a date on one of the other papers with it from 2003, so it might have been around that time.

Do you always want to look the way you do know?  Perhaps you enjoy feeling fat or ugly.  Maybe you like that feeling dragging you down, back towards the days of depression.  And maybe you honestly do want to go back to them.  It is possible you find fun in wondering what it would be like to be happy instead of actually being happy.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to throw on some clothes & not have to change because they make you look or feel fat?

Jealousy is a normal feeling.  But it can’t possibly be much fun to be jealous of anyone who is thinner.  Or to feel that other people are more attractive just because they are thinner.  You may like constantly wondering if people think you are fat.

You don’t want this.  You want to shed the outer you & become anew.  You don’t like how you look, nor how you feel about that.  You don’t want to feel fat or regress to the days of depression.  You hate having to change clothes or not wearing something because of how you feel in them.  You don’t want constant feelings of jealousy or unattractiveness.  You don’t want to be picked on or wonder what others think.

So, with that said, here is some advice: Do something about it!  Change…


Believe&&Lose said...


All of that resonated with me in soo many ways lol.

I think that may have been even better than a thinspiration!
Thanks for that, hun =]

Lilah Lee said...

I like it a lot :) :) :)
That has been my attitude on life lately!!

Ava-Rose said...

I have felt that way and still do for most of my life.
Thanks for sharing!!

PollyDolly said...

damn. the younger you did not beat around the bush! smart lady you were/are :)

Cora said...

It's crazy how much I feel that way too every day. How old were you when you wrote that?

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