Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hump Day

So, I was wondering what does everyone think of themselves?  Like, do you think you are fat, chubby, obese, average, skinny, thin, thin but not thin enough, or perfect?  Or whatever other adjective you might use to describe your own body.

My BMI falls in the normal range.  I think I am about average with chubby areas, I guess is how I would describe it.  I hate my midsection, legs (especially thighs), & upper arms the most.  My goal weight range (90-95) will put me at the very bottom of the normal range, just above being underweight.  Only time & achievement will tell if that is satisfying for me.  When I was a freshman in high school, I was about 2.5 inches shorter than I am now & weighed about 2 pounds (88) under the lower limit of my goal weight.  I want to be thin with lean toning I guess, if I could choose how my body would appear.

Lately I feel as though I will never get there because I keep effing up.  How I haven't gained back all or most of the weight I've lost this summer, I do not know, but I am not complaining about that.  Just about being stupid & eating crap when I know better.  I got to stop letting that go ahead & eat side of the argument win.

I did do 2 + 3 miles (total of 5) on the elliptical Monday.  Today I did 1 + 2 (total of 3).  Which isn't much but is surely an improvement over the nothing I had been doing.  I've been stuck around 112.2 the last few days.  I dropped slightly yesterday but was right back at it today.  It's not that I have plateaued either, it's just that I've been eating more than I should, want, or need.  Like I said, I am surprised that I haven't gained more.

To end on a positive note, before I go back to surfing Twitter & such & watching 'House' on tv, I hope you all are having a wonderful week & that August is going fantastic for you! <3


v. said...

To me, I am fat. Even though my bmi says that I'm now average... but it lies. I am fat.

HONEY said...

i think i am slim. my BMI is 20.7 to 21 at the moment and my goal BMI is 19 to 20, so i'm pretty near. i wanna be thin but i don't wanna look/feel sick.


Melissa said...

I feel very fat, like its suffocating me sometimes, my bmi is around 22/23. Yet even when my bmi was 13 i still felt and thought i was fat. strange isnt it ? x

Sarah said...

I really have no perception of myself. Like, I THINK I'm fat, but sometimes I feel thin. I don't know. It's hard to explain.
And I hope YOUR August is going briliantly too!

TK said...

I feel like i'm teetering on the verge of obeese. I'm high in the average BMI range but I feel so huge that I i've already passed that threshold.

tracy said...

My BMI is in the "low" range of normal, but i am FAT and want to lose at least 10-15 more pounds because i want to be skinny. However, i must not want it badly enough, because i let the "Red, red wine" get in the way...calories!!!!!! i don't eat during the day, but then eat at night.....i exercise, but not enough....gah!

Thank you for the question!

BTW, a few days ago, i saw someone mention on your twitter that they wished they had a gay friend...i must do i! (a guy!).

Rabbit said...

I am most certainly huge beyond a scale of measure. I have a too-high BMI and do weigh a LOT. I know I'm really different from a lot of chicks on these blogs, but I am working to get down to the pixie dream body I desire. :] It will just take me a bit longer to get there lol.

The Crazy Rose said...

Haha, I keep forgetting that you are a little bit less than a foot shorter than me, so when I read the weights you talk about, I'm like NO FUCKING WAY!! But then I remember lol :)

I have always just wanted to be underweight. It's not that I think I am actually fat if I'm in the low end of normal, it's just that I'm not satisfied with myself. I don't know what that means about me. And I LOVE thin legs. And a flat stomach. Those are my areas of focus :)

Go August, have fun love!


Lilah Lee said...

My BMI is 23.8 at the moment... And Im starting to like how I look.
After losing 21 pounds in the last 2.5 months, it really does feel great to have my clothes loose again.
I've always hit my weight rather well with my height, but my goal is to get my BMI as low as possible with out being considered underweight :]

Love ya

Liz said...

Sometimes I think I'm really fat, and others I think I am average. My BMI is on the higher end of the overweight range, but I don't feel that bad about it because I used to be in the obese range, so at least I'm not there anymore! When I'm feeling good about myself, I think that my body is about average sized, and my face is pretty. When I'm feeling bad about myself, I think I'm an ugly cow. So it varies :)

I'm glad you're doing well with your exercise and stuff! It sounds like you're doing a lot of it. I hope the rest of the week goes well for you!

sadhana said...

I think I am really really fat. Some days, I think I look alright. Some days I think I might be pretty. Most days, I try to avoid looking at myself and thinking about myself.

Sometimes I feel like I am not a worthy player in the community of blogs we've got going on here.. that I am not thin or pretty and I don't deserve the attention of someone like you who absolutely is! Thanks for following my blog and being so sweet and supportive.

PollyDolly said...

its true what they say about your goal weight. once you reach that goal it suddenly is not enough anymore.

i can attest to that because i thought 115 was my goal weight (which i reached and then gained..) and i was far from done.

i hope you are happy in the healthy range! and the photos you posted of those cookies and smores are evil! thank goodness they are just photos :)