Monday, August 2, 2010

Ready Set August

Lilah Lee & Frenzy & anyone else interested: Here is a link for the Sugar Donuts Muffins from my last Foto Friday.  I didn't roll mine in sugar all over like their pic shows, I only did it on top (less messy).

Ugh.  That's what I have to say about my eating/exercise habits the last few days.  As of Sunday morning, I was back up at 112.2 (3lbs up from my recent & year's lowest) & who knows what the next one (come morning) will be.  Hopefully not too much.  Hell, I'd even be happy with maintaining.  I should be lacking on eating & stacking up on exercising, but it's flipped around to where I've been eating too much & not exercising at all.

I did some unserious measurements today, the last time I did was about 3.5 months ago.  I know (despite the recent gain) that I weigh less now than I did then.  And I can usually tell in my midsection when I'm losing weight, but I'm never sure about anywhere else.  According to those measurements, I have lost bits & pieces in other areas (which seems obvious since it'd be unusual to lose in only one area).  I need to do measurements more often so that I am doing them the same way & in the same place each time so that they are more reliable.  Plus so I can see progress somewhere other than the scale.

Last night I started my first outdoor fire!  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get one going, since I've never tried one outside & some of the wood was wet from rain.  But it only took one match & a bit of newspaper & the wood caught, so yay!  I must admit, I will a bit impressed with myself, lol.

I'm hoping this week will be one of loss (well, I wish that about every week/day/month, etc).  I lost a decent amount in June, but in July I was up & down within a range so that not much really happened.  So August needs to be more like June, I hope.  I need to find a way to be motivated to exercise again, because that was def. missing in July.

Also, if you see my pages that are up above my posts (below my Twitter widget), there is a new one that has a few random Thinspo pics.  If you click it, there is a bit more of an explanation of what I am doing with it.  I am still considering updating my profile pic if I ever get to 100 followers.

Well, I am hoping that I will sleep soon.  I am a bit tired, but not exactly sleeping-tired yet, plus my brain/body is stupid about sleep so sometimes it doesn't even matter is I am.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & reach some goals this week/month!


skinnybusiness said...

Aww, Sleep haha. Shall I sleep? nah. okay ya maybe a lil.

Marcus said...

Thanks for you comment! :)
Soog luck on the wight loss, I bet August will be like June, you can do this! :)

Hollow said...

Thanks hun :)

Those sugar donut muffins look like sound SO unbelievably delicious - I could tear through a batch of those in seconds. NOMNOMNOM.


Sick B*tch said...

I gained over the weekend, too. :( But this week WILL be a week of loss.
Hope you got a good night's sleep! :-*

Lilah Lee said...

Thanks so much!! I think Ill experiment with it a little bit and try to make them as healthy as possibly!! I'll let you know if anything comes of it haha :]


Kitty said...

New follower, nice to see another interesting blog :D

Yay for making fires, cause I'm such a pyro. I remember a few weekends ago, I got drunk and ALL night tried to start a fire. I used toilet paper and plastic forks. Yeah... Drunk, like I said. xD

Hope your measurements were great, it always feels good to physically prove your shrinking!

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