Friday, August 20, 2010

Foto Friday 11

I love my followers/readers!

This yogurt was such a pretty red-pink color, but it was hard to get it to photograph well.  Tastes yummy too!  I also really liked the strawberry shortcake flavor, it was my fave of the few I had this past week.

Chicken fried rice.  This box has 2 1cup servings worth (the bowl has one).  Only 190 cals/serving & only 30 are from fat.  I love it & one serving fills me up nicely (without making me feel full-full).

The picture from my Jones Cream Soda.  My fortune inside the cap was "Time is the wisest counselor".

Soup I found in the cupboard while babysitting.  I didn't eat any because I don't like some of the stuff in it, but it only has 50 calories a serving, & 100 total per can.

Apparently you can buy laxatives at the dollar store!  I didn't buy any but it says on the box that these have the same ingredients as Dulcolax.


Liz said...

Aww, I love you too!! I've had that yogurt, and I thought that color was really odd. Is that really a color found in nature? Lol :) But it did taste good!

Hope your Friday is magical!

Lilah Lee said...

yummmm, that soup looks amazing :)
Have an awesome weekend!
Thanks for sharing the pictures


Sarah said...

Haha, we definantely love you as well! Great pictures. <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

OMG New Zealand is such a backwater when it comes to awesome low-cal food!

Go the generic laxies! Have a look at the ingredients list for all the back-neck-period pain pankillers ;)

Mich said...

I think I've bought all of those things within the past month...

Those pie flavored Yop yogurts are amazing. And I love those frozen fried rice things! Delish.

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