Monday, July 19, 2010


 "What do you think is the best way to lose weight?"
Honestly, eating healthy & exercise.  Obviously not the route I always go, but I believe it is the best way, not only because it is healthy but it seems that it is more consistent & more likely to stick long term.

"Do you ever feel like giving up, and just eating normally? also, do ED's come with depression, or is it just me?"
Not only do I feel that way sometimes, I do.  The thoughts/guilt about food & my body/weight are always there, rather they are prominent or in the background of my mind.  I don't think I am depressed or that ED's  come with depression, but I think that the 2 are often related in that one can cause or be a result of the other.  I can't really speak for everyone with an ED, but that's just what I think

"if you could, would you be a sea turtle or an eagle for a day?"
An eagle I think, so I could soar high above in sky.  Even though I love water & am a water sign.

"This might be a bit weird. :D At this very moment, I have an unbelievable binge urge so I'm googling food porn just to try to satisfy my hunger eslsewhere. So, can you tell me what do you binge on when you have this massive pig-out session? It'll help. :D"
It really depends on what I am craving and/or what is available.  It's usually junky stuff, like sugary things or greasy fast food.  Occasionally it's decent food though.  But I think most often my sweet tooth is what does me in.  Also, if you are looking for food porn, check out this site.  Most of the stuff I wouldn't dream of eating (because of the stuff used or the appearance) but it is interesting to see the various creations.

v. said... "My god that strawberry shortcake.. Why must you always post pictures of things that look good to eat? We're not meant to like eating! But you make it so hard! :P"
Sorry about that, lol.  I post pictures of food because I think about it so much & crave it more than I care too.  I try to keep my 'food porn' pics to stuff that isn't too awful, like no super greasy things or fat laden dishes.  I'd rather look at the food than eat it. :-P

Eva said... "Congratulations bella!  What have you been eating recently to achieve so awesomely? Hella exercise, too I suppose?"
Mostly I try not to eat too late in the day & not eat a ton.  If I am craving something, I try to eat it so that it doesn't turn into a binge later.  I wish I could say I exercised a ton, but I've been so unmotivated lately.  Which is too bad because I would prolly make better progress if I did.

To Tracy: you can come vent anytime you like, I enjoy reading comments of any kind & it's good that you have somewhere you can do that (which is why I have this blog anyways, lol).

If you have any other questions, any time, about me or something I post in a blog or whatever, feel free to ask.  If you ask in a comment, I will try to remember to address it in my next post.  Or you can email me if you'd like, if you want an answer that way or you want to ask something not in public/on here.  I'm also going to try to respond to some of my comments in later posts, such as I did a bit in this one.

Also, I think if I get to 100 followers, I may post some sort of pic of me.  Not sure if I'll ever have that many followers, but I am in the 50's now & I never thought I'd have a quarter of that!

I also added a few more quotes to my quotes page!

Also, if you are following me & I am not following you, please leave a comment with a link to your blog.  I know some people's blog don't show up in their mini profile (from Google Friend Connect or whatever, in the Followers section) when it is clicked.  Mine didn't & I had to go change a setting to have it show up.  Thanks!


Liz said...

Yay answers! I love this idea :) Maybe I'll submit another question...

Btw, I think you're awesome!
Kthxbye :)

v. said...

Haha, thanks for that- I suppose that makes sense. Never heard of "food porn" before, that's an interesting concept! Might explore it a bit more when I get home :P