Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just thought I would make a quick post this morning after catching up on reading everyone else's.

I lost .8 lb this morning which surprised me!  I thought it was possible I'd gain, likely I'd maintain or lose a tiny amount.  Because I had macaroni noodles yesterday & usually very much of that stuff (not that I had a ton, but I assume any considerable amount of noodles or bread might be bad on that scale the following morning).  Plus I had a jr. roast beef sandwich from Arby's (which is only 200 calories actually) & 2 Reese's cups.  So it wasn't like I had a huge or small intake day.  And I managed to force out 2 miles on the elliptical.  I did take one of the last three Stacker 3's I had later in the evening because I was going to a fire & there was gonna be s'mores there.  But I only ended up having one thing of wine & 1/4 of a Hershey bar (which is like 55 cals).  I resisted a s'more, easily, thankfully.  Which was super good, even though it would have been only like 150-170 more cals, it was like 10:30p by then.  Not sure if the Stacker3 helped or not.  So it was a happy surprise on the scale this morning, which is always wonderful!

I've had no motivation for the elliptical lately.  The last few days I managed to do a mile maybe.  Sunday I did do 5 miles, but it was 1 mile at a time throughout the day.  And yesterday evening I did 2 miles.  I just completely lost the will to want to exercise (which isn't too unusual for me).

I'm excited because a couple of weeks ago or so, one of my long-time friends (like since elementary school) decided she & her husband might be moving back here from Florida.  It seemed pretty likely & I found out in the last few days, it was certain & they were supposed to leave yesterday.  The place they are staying/living is 2ish hours from me, but that's a huge improvement than being states away.  Yay!

Still fricken hot here (though I'm not really complaining because I prefer it over the wintery cold) & often humid.  Thank goodness for a/c!  You can still ask me questions for a near-future blog, I've gotten a few so far, which is awesome, but I wouldn't mind some more! ;)  Like I said, it can be about e.d. stuff or life or whatever randomness you might think of.  I've gotten some new followers/following on Twitter, which is awesome because it makes me want to use it more.  Hope all you lovely peeps out there are having a wonderful week thus far & if not, any moment is a good moment to start anew & begin again!


tracy said...

i am impressed with the exercise you are getting.
Like yesterday, the only exercise i did was (trying) to fast walk the halls of the hospital for about 40 min while my dad was getting a blood transfusion (he has cancer and it helps his immunity). Anyhow, i certianly got some strange stares...oh well, too bad. i guess it was better than nothing. We were at the hospital for SIX hours...but it gave me some good talk time with dad.
It's hard here (we are visiting) because my folks eat the "normal" three meals a day, which i never do...i almost stared crying yesterday, when my dad ordered all this food for lunch and he kept insisting i help him eat it. i had a quarter of a sandwich and a pickle and felt quilty in two wasy...eating that before 5 pm and being such a "stubborn teenager" to my dad.
Sigh. I'm 48.

Thanks for letting me ramble to someone who understands. :(

Liz said...

Wow, you're doing great! Good job :) I'm also impressed with your exercise. I wish I could motivate myself to do that.

Keep up the good work!!

Lilah Lee said...

You are doing awesome!!! :D

Send some of your motivation my way!! haha
Withstanding a s'more, amazing!!!!!!

Love you!
keep up the excellent work!


determined girl said...

You are so amazing, love! Great job!! Hope you have a wonderful day, I'm looking forward to reading some more of your posts :)