Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sharing FMLs

I just thought I would share some FMLs (f**k my life) that I came across a couple days ago, related to eating disorders.  Most of them are kinda sad (in that whatever it was that happened, happened) & I feel bad for the person who submitted it.  But the last one (& this may be a bit mean to say) is kinda funny.

  • Today, after nine months of trying to get my 75 pound son to gain some weight, I discovered why the food was disappearing and he wasn't gaining weight.  My daughter is bulimic. FML
  • Today, my mom accused me of having an eating disorder, and I didn't correct her. Truth is, I lost weight after I went off the pill a year ago. I'm too embarrassed to tell my mom that I haven't had anyone in a year. FML
  • Today, I was together with a few of my friends when I got up the courage to confess I have an eating disorder. One of my friends then said "... but you're not skinny." FML
  • Today, I decided to eat at this new cafe near my apartment. When I sat down a super flamboyant waiter came up to me and asked for my order. I asked him what he recommended. He said "to be honest honey, you could go for the salad." I just got out of an eating disorders rehab and put on 30 pounds.  FML  
  • Today, I went to my doctor for a check-up before my Caribbean vacation. He informed me I am overweight for my height and should "eat better, exercise, and lose the excess weight." I just returned from rehab for bulimia a month ago. My vacation was a celebration of overcoming my eating disorder.  FML
  • Today, after four years of anorexia and lots of recovery, my parents took me out to dinner with my counselor and whole family to celebrate my progress. I ended up eating something that made me vomit everything I ate. My parents now think I am bulmic and are sending me back to counseling. FML  
  • Today, I told my mom I am bulimic and have been for a few years and that I need help. She responded by saying "Well that's clearly not working for you. Why don't you try anorexia." She then patted me on my head, smiled, and walked away. FML  
  • Today, I went over to the snack cabinet at my aunt's house. Excited for a snack cake, I noticed something odd on the handles. They knew I was coming over and locked it. FML


Kelly said...

love these!

tracy said...

Oh. Wow. Some sound sooo familar...we all really are in "the same boat" together, aren't we? :-(

Maria said...

Hmmm...I saw new shrink for the 1st time yesterday. He noticed I circled ED on my health history. He said, "When did you have an ED?" I said, in my 20's His response "Well, looks like you beat it". I said, "Yea, nothing like suicidal depression to help a girl gain weight." Good thing he saw the sarcasm, and steered the consultation to a more professional tone .Even so called professionals don't "get it.
Stay strong luv.

Lilah Lee said...

Love them :] And the whole FML web site :]

tracy said...

Maria "They" definately don't.....and it sucks.

Big time. No pun intended. :(

Liz said...

Wow, those are awful and hilarious :) Thanks!!

Alice D said...

Every single one of these made me cringe. =/

Peridot (G+P) said...

Oh holy SHIT! 0.0

*Laughing guiltily and cringing*

Melissa said...

Wow. These are just sad and funny at the same time?
Maybe just annoying.
Yeah, these are annoying.
People are so rude and should just keep their mouths shut. They have no idea what their talking about when they insult others.

Sorry for the rant. XD
xoxo, Melissa

Anonymous said...

All of these make me want to smack someone, especially the third one and the second to last. People's words hurt.

slow cheetah. said...

these are all so painful to read :( especially the third one. well, all of them..