Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cloudy Lemon

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all having a terrific week! And if you are feeling down, please remember that you are an awesome person & you have a whole community here that you can turn to if you need encouragement, motivation, kind words, or want to vent.

I've been doing alright weight-wise. I've pretty much been maintaining & losing slowly. Today I am down to my lowest known weight of the year, 109.2, which was previously 109.4. It's definitely better than gaining! I've been eating a lot of crappy food. Let me rephrase that: A lot of the food I've been eating is crappy food. The quantity of food isn't the problem, it's the quality. I haven't been exercising either, except if I count the casual walk I took yesterday (that wasn't even all that long).

Saturday is going to be a free day for me. I have a family reunion. I know I won't gorge too much, as I am a picky eater (always have been since I was a toddler, which works well as truth or just an excuse) so there is always lots of things I don't like. But I also would like to go to this food place in my hometown later in the day to eat. I don't make it back there often & this place is only open in late spring through very early fall.

I've been using Twitter quite a bit lately, so if you have or get an account, you should go over & follow me!

And now some response stuff. Feel free to keep the comments/questions/etc coming, I love reading it all!

Formspring Question from Anonymous: I just think you're amazing :) I don't actually have a question. So I'll make one up... What is the one thing you've never done that you wish you could do?
Aww, thank you sooo so so much! As for something I've yet to do that I wish to... there are so many possible answers to that so I'll just name a few: skydiving, visit California & Chicago, traveling to Europe/Australia/other parts of the world, climbing the stairs of the Statue of Liberty, run a 5k, & the list could go on & on.

vanilla finnegan said... I kind of what to grab one of those ice-cream sandwich thingies from your freezer right now if you don't mind :)
If there were still any in the freezer, I would be happy to share! :)

v. said... Haha, thanks for that- I suppose that makes sense. Never heard of "food porn" before, that's an interesting concept! Might explore it a bit more when I get home :P
Someone used 'food porn' in a comment on my blog, I believe that was the first place I had heard it, but I've heard it some more place as well. There is even a website that The Crazy Rose recommended to me called Food Porn Daily. It has lots of pictures of delicious looking, attractively made food.  I also like This is Why You're Fat,though it is more of a turn off to food since the creations look & must be super high cal/fat.

The Crazy Rose said... Have you checked out Food Porn Daily? It's just pictures of prettily-prepared food. Weird, but good :)
I had not, but I have now! Thanks so much for the suggestion!


Eva said...

Lucky you, picky eater! I wish I had that habit of not-liking-food, but we are best friends/enemies, so. Yeah.
I hope you're having a terrific week too. Congrats on the lowest known weight of the year!
xo E

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