Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gray Skies

Before I get into any blogging, I want to take a minute & catch up on some replies to comments that have been left for me.

Liz, Lilah Lee, & Maria:  You're welcome, I'm glad you all liked your nominations for the Blogger Addict Award!

Eva: I've always been a picky eater, since I was a wee little one.  It has come in handy for sure when it comes to my disordered eating habits, because I naturally don't like a lot of things.  Too bad I didn't hate everything except what is really healthy though, that would be fabulous!  The junk food tends to be something I am less picky about unfortunately, it's mostly meal type dishes I don't care for.

Ava-Rose: It's bittersweet to hear Ben & Jerry is more available to you.  It is soooo goood, but of course also sooooo not good for dieting, etc.

The Crazy Rose: Thanks for the links, I will have to check them out.  Glad to hear Splenda is safe, because that is pretty much the only sweetener I buy/use.

SL: I thought Ben & Jerry's pints were expensive here (usually $3-4, some cheaper places or on sale only $2something), but $10 is def more insane!  I buy it rarely because it is more expensive compared to others & because it is high calorie.  That price tag would def keep me away from it even more!

Maria, AnaNae, & Eva: I agree that often other people who are either actually overweight, feel overweight, or whatever want to 'assist' others in feeling the same way or to feel better about their own habits so they push food onto them, rather they are consciously doing so or not.  Luckily, for the most part, I don't buy into/believe their 'compliments' or comments & ignore them (at least most of the time).

Lond3on: It was lovely chatting with you the other day!  It's always a nice surprise when people IM me or email me (or even comment here or Tweet/Formspring @ me, lol).  Hope you had a great run & your baby food diet continues to give you awesome results!

So, yeah, glad I caught up on those!  I don't have much else to blog about at the moment, my mind is blanking.  I've been eating kinda cruddy & still sticking around 110-111, but I guess it's better than going farther up.  I still haven't been motivated to exercise, like at all.  It's quite gray here today, I think it is clearing up a bit though, there are some peeks of blue now.  It's rather humid today too.

Sunday I went on my first motorcycle ride.  Really it was my 2nd.  The first one was on Easter this year, I rode on one with my son & his grandpa (my son had to be inbetween us because he's small) & we only went on a short ride around a few blocks.  Sunday, I went on a 75 minute ride.  And then a return 75 minute ride to get home (in the dark).  Growing up, my dad always had a motorcycle but I was scared to ride on them.  When I got older I just never thought about it much.  On Easter I agreed to ride on one because my lil man agreed to get on & someone needed to be behind him.  I thought I would be a lot more nervous Sunday, but I really wasn't.  My arms got a little bit of a workout because I tried to brace myself when the bike would slow down/stop so I wouldn't smush the driver.  But yeah, it was fun!

I hope you all are doing swell & if you have any extra motivation just laying around, please, feel free to send it my way! ;) <3


Liz said...

Ooooh that sounds like fun!! Wow, I'd be way too scared to ever ride a motorcycle :)

And thanks for all your well-wishes!

Peridot (G+P) said...

Woop wooooooop! Get some more pillion practice so I can shove you on the back of a harley XD

RiaRia said...

Awh thanks hun. I hope I'll be able to keep up with ana/mia while I'm gone. Its going to be hard, I'm moving into a house with a lot of other people.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Lol, I'd totally flick that switch at 58kg cold, then change my body composition to trade out fat for muscle XD

Thanks for the sympathy. I'm ignoring her, it seems to piss her off more ^.^

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