Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogger Addict Award

Ava-Rose nominated me for a Blogger Addict Award!  Aw, thanks for thinking of me sweetheart!

From what I understand, I list 5 things I love/like, 5 things I hate/dislike, & then nominate 5 fellow lovely bloggers for the award.

So here I go, using random whatever likes/dislikes come to my head to fill in the blanks for both categories & then of course, my nominees to pass the award along to.

  1. Traveling.  Anywhere really.  Not that I've been a great many places.  I've only left the country a few times & it's always been to Canada.  And I haven't been anywhere out west yet.  A couple of my favorite places I've been are New York City & Disney World (I want to live in Cinderella's Castle).  I want to travel all over the U.S. & overseas to places like Australia, Europe, & many more.
  2. Ice cream.  Sad but true.  I love the stuff.  Too much.  I don't buy it often because I have restraint issues with it, lol.  This includes milkshakes & other ice cream products as well.
  3. Storms.  I adore thunderstorms (as long as they don't get scary-violent-tornado), especially at night.
  4. Water.  Yeah, it's good to drink.  But I'm talking more about the kind you can watch or touch.  Like lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, etc.  I've always loved water.
  5. Being a parent.  It's the most rewarding thing in the world!  It can definitely be a hard job & monetarily it can get expensive, but raising a child & watching him grow & feeling his love & loving him is the most fantastic experience I have ever had.
  1. Unemployment.  Being out of school & having no job it wayyyy boring.  It super sucks being broke all the time too.
  2. Insomnia.  I've had sleeping issues, both falling asleep & staying asleep, since at least high school, if not longer.  It sucks.  Though I've kinda gotten used to it over the years & it seems normal to feel some level of tired most of the day.
  3. Mosquito bites.  Any bug bites/stings, etc really.  But it being summer here, mosquitoes tend to be what I deal with most.  So annoying.
  4. Super cold weather.  This is mainly winter time, when it gets really cold.  I can handle it being cold & even the snow (which I do love for Christmas) doesn't bother me.  But the super cold temps or wind chills & icy roads can suck it & suck it hard.
  5. Idiotic people.  This is pretty broad, including: moronic, stupidi, rude, annoying, etc people.  I understand we all have our moments, but for some people it seems to be a constant state of being & it annoys the hell out of me.


Liz said...

Aww, thanks babe! You're so cute :)

I super-hate mosquito bites and insomnia too. So annoying and frustrating! Also, I love ice cream. You're stealing all my loves and hates! :)

I'm glad you love being a parent. That's great!
I hope your day is fabulous.

Lilah Lee said...

Thanks girl!! :D :D :D

I will definitely be passing it back :]

Love you.

The Crazy Rose said...

I've been reading your blog for the last few months and I've finally gotten around to getting my own blog so I can really be a part of this community. I'd love it if you'd read my blog or tell other people about it:

Oh, and I always look at pictures of food too! I also am really fascinated by watching people eat, but only if it's not noisy. Have you checked out Food Porn Daily? It's just pictures of prettily-prepared food. Weird, but good :)

Maria said...

Ooooo thank you so very much ! I've never won anything before, hurrah for firsts !

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