Friday, July 30, 2010

Foto Friday 8

So this week's set of pictures are pretty much all food/drink related, this is your warning, lol.  Most of it isn't super tempting (like a bunch of junky food) though.  Hope all of you have had a great week & a fabulous weekend ahead! <3

I'm not sure why, but this amuses me.  Because when I head "dill weed" I think of name calling, not cooking/baking.

A variety of Nesquik.  I <3 the vanilla flavor, & strawberry, & (regular) chocolate.  I don't think I've tried banana yet, but I want to.  And I think double chocolate might be a bit much for me.  I don't drink regular milk (not a big fan) much, or even flavored milk (because of calories) often.

Sugar Donut Muffins.  I made these for the first time last weekend.  They are were quite yummy.  Tasted a lot like a donut, but a bit moister.  The top has sugar on it, which is hard to see in the photo.  Not sure on calories for these, but I figure they gotta be better than donuts, since they are baked & not fried, plus they are smaller.

Another banana sticker!

Sounds yummy!  Never tried them though, perhaps someday...

T-shirt I saw online.  No offense to Canada, I love Canada (& hats)!  Just thought it was a bit humorous.


Lilah Lee said...

God I love your Foto Fridays :D :D :D

And I've seen that shirt too!!! Lovesss it!

Mikes Hard = Amazing, Must try the new flavor! I'll let you know how it is haha.

And omg... you should post that recipe, they look freakin yummy!!

Hope you're having an amazing Friday!!


J said...

Love the shirt [;
Dill weed never really sounds like a spice to me, either.... It's like an insult for a small kid or something, haha.

Liz said...

Yay Foto Fridays! I love your pictures. That muffin looks DELICIOUS :)

Frenzy said...

please post the recipe for the muffin! i def. don't need the calories, but i love to cook so a new recipe would be nice!

love your photo fridays, and the shirt cracked me up. I just got back from canada so i wish i would have had that shirt while i was there! lol

Lund3on said...

Oh my god!! what are you trying to do? Scare me into a binge fest?? jk.. That muffin looks delicious and that canada pic is hilarious!! haha.

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