Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just wanted to say hello darling readers!

I had a free day yesterday & gained 1.2 lbs, but it was to be expected.  I had a family reunion back in my hometown so I ate there (not too much pigging out though, more 'normal') & had to stop my the drive in restaurant because their vanilla milkshake is my fave vanilla milkshake of anywhere, & they are only open in the warm months & I barely make it home these days.  So I had that, a burger & fries too.

I saw one of my cousins yesterday whom I haven't seen in almost 3.5 years because she just moved back in state a few months ago.  Within a couple minutes of seeing me she was grabbing under my ribs & around my belly area because I'm so 'little'.  I'm not really, but I am compared to her.  She's always been overweight & even though she has lost weight since I saw her last (which also happen to be a month after she had her 3rd child), she's still a bigger girl.  Not to be mean, because I love her to death.  And then later on this lady (not sure who she was, lol) was trying to give away a piece of cake she didn't want.  I deferred because I had already had a piece I shared with my lil man.  But her & my cousin agreed I could use some more (implying I need to fatten up or whatever).

I know it might sound like I'm delusional in saying they are wrong, but it's true.  There is still plenty of fat on my body to grab/pinch & I don't have any bones sticking out so it's not like I'm sickly looking in any way.  I think part of it is just because there are so many people in this country/society that are overweight, whether it be slightly or on an obesity level.  I never put much credit in people's comments like that.  Or saying I am little in general (because I mostly attribute being little having more to do with the fact that I am under 5').

And yay for all the commenting on my last blog (Foto Friday)!  I have some replies to some recent comments from that & others, but I will catch 'em up later, when I'm not hurrying to type this up.  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend & getting ready to kick some goal/plan arse this week!  I know I need to since I've been more or less maintaining lately (with the exception of this morning's gain).  Love you all! <3


Maria said...

People force food on those they deem "little" to justify their own overeating. I love a good vanilla shake, it has to have vanilla extract or else it's just ice cream and milk.

AnaNae said...

People like you, who are A: Naturally small, and B: working to stay small, make people like me, and people worse off than me self-conscious. It isn't fair to you that they try to make you eat just because they can't help themselves.

Keep doing what you are doing, and they can just get over it! ;)


Eva said...

I agree with Maria that often larger people do impose their own eating habits on others to justify themselves. Sabotage!

I don't like that relativity though when I'm around it...sometimes it lulls me into a false sense of security, like "oh maybe it IS ok to have that second burger, ha ha ha because after all Auntie mcFatters told me I need to get some fat on my bones"

But yeah. I'm glad you're staying positive and proud! Lots of love
xxxooo Eva

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