Monday, July 5, 2010


So, I hit my second goal on the last day of June.  Unfortunately since then I have gained 2.4 over it, so I decided to add another goal.  My third goal weight is now exactly the same as the second.  And all the other goal weights just moved a place (from second to third & so on).

I blame the weekend, & not just any weekend, but it being a holiday weekend (Independence Day/4th of July).  I hit the goal on June 29th, & was actually .2 below it.  I gained that .2 the next day though, but was still at my goal.  Then I gained .6 & then lost it over the next 2 days.  So on Friday, July 2nd, I was right at my goal.  Then came a weekend of fireside snacking & grilling & such festivities.  So over 3 days, I gained 2.4.

I'm not overly upset about it (surprisingly) because:
1) it was expected
2) it could have been worse
3) at least I didn't hit above the previous goal
Plus, it was the U.S.'s 234th birthday so really, there should have been even more food if you take into account all the years heading up to this point, lol.

Saturday night I never went to sleep.  I woke up Saturday around 8ish & was awake until Sunday around 5pm when I took like a 20 minute nap, then went to sleep 1am-ish.  I'm used to lacking sleep because of insomniatic issues I've had for years, but this one sucked because it caused me to have a panic attack around 8am Sunday (which I am convinced was mainly due to sleep deprivation) (& the panic attack wasn't all-out bad, just a lot of heavy-fast breathing & feeling super panicked), & then feeling on edge for hours after.  The short nap did help though & after last night's sleep, things seem back to normal, thankfully.

But the free-for-all food-fest is over!  It desperately needs to be, that is for sure.  I would love to re-hit the goal by the end of the week.  It's possible, I know, I just gotta get back on track.  From catching up on blogs, it seems there are quite a few others who had a food-filled weekend that was either begrudgingly accepted or successfully ignored.  I am sure I am not the only one who is headed 'back to the grind' on keeping the food away & shedding the weight.  Hugs to those of you who are in this boat or had any other difficulty recently.

So... good luck to everyone!  If you are doing well, keep it up!  If you have been doing badly (like me), right now (or any other moment) is a great time to start anew!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, whether you were celebrating America's birthday or Canada Day or any other fun activities! <3


Lilah Lee said...

I had the same kind of weekend :]
Totally worth it! Now we are back and ready, strong as ever!

Glad to hear you had an awesome Holiday!

Good luck this week!

Lilah :]

Stephanie said...

I'm happy that you made your goal, even though you had a set back from the know you can go back down just as easily as you went up. :) have a good week!

tracy said...

Hi Ermy!

Definately know the feeling! i am visiting family and they actually think it's n o r m a l to eat three meals a day and it's not what one would call healthy food...ugh! So far i have been able to do okay, but not great. They kind of accept the fact that i don't eat like they do, though they do think it's really strange. There are all these awful situations, like going out to lunch, etc......i am going to end up even more of a fatty fat fat if i am not extremely careful!

Thanks for letting me "vent"!

Best to you and i am loving your blog!

tracy <3

Maria said...

It must have been panic attack Saturday . I totally get it , stay strong and focused . Hugs.

Lund3on said...

my 4th sucked because I had work and was closing. we were supposed to get out at 11:30 so I didn't make any plans because I figured it would be too late to do anything.. but then the stupid new manager made us close the store at 9 so I got out of work and just sat on this bench and smoked cigarettes and talked on the phone for an hour til my bf got home. It was sooo stupid.. I guess the good part is that I wasn't tempted with food. We went home and watched a movie as I had another mini mental break down from my depression! AWESOME! You'll lose that 2.4lbs don't worry. There aren't any more holidays for a while so... You're good for a little bit.

Melissa said...

its always good to re-group and get yourself back on track!
im sorry about the panic attack.
try to get some sleep whenever you can for me, ok?
we can do this.
you WILL reach your goal by the end of this week!
stay strong.

Eva said...

Don't you hate how food always seems to ruin big events? Grrrrr...
Gotta find distracting activities! It's so hard, but so rewarding.
xxxooo Eva

Ava-Rose said...

I gained too a few weeks back, but now have lost what i have gained! It's good that you are ploughing on!! That's true determination!! Keep it up!
Lucky Australia doesn't have its day till Jan, so I'm fairly safe till then :P

mad_zaq said...

hugs back ;)

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