Friday, July 16, 2010

Foto Friday 6

Hello all my darling readers!  It's Friday, which means pictures!  Also, I rehit my 110 goal on Wednesday morning when I weighed in at 109.4 (which is also my lowest known of the year).  Of course Wednesday also happened to be my free day to kick my metabolism in the arse.  But I only gained .6 Thursday morning putting me right at 110.  And then last night I ended up drinking a few alcoholic beverages & thought that would surely give me a gain this morning, but I maintained!  Yay!  So hopefully I am headed on to the next goal & no more repeats.

Yummy & low cal!  Graham crackers with whip cream, frozen.  Kind of like an ice cream sandwich but way less fat/calories.  These have about 83 each, but that was using regular Cool Whip, so it would be less if you used other kinds.  The graham crackers were 70 cals each plus 1 tablespoon of Cool Whip.

Yes, Christmas stuff.  The Christmas aisles were being set up on Wednesday in Hobby Lobby.

It's Happy Bunny!  I adore Happy Bunny & all the little sayings, lol.

Banana time!

Flowery bush.  So pretty, pink, blue, & purple.

I hope you all have had a good week & a wonderful weekend ahead!  Good luck with whatever goals and/or plans you are pursuing!  I love reading all of your blogs & the comments you leave me, they are greatly appreciated! <3


Maria said...

Totally making these !!! 109 OMG so so so, very happy for you, and completely inspiring !! Happy weekend CHEERS .

Laura said...

christmas stuff already?!?! wow!! and i loved tht sticker on the banana! i probably would have taken if off and put it on my head. those gram/cool whip craker things look so wonderful!! great job being 109!! youre doing soo soo well =]

Liz said...

OMG, those graham cracker things look so tasty!! Yummmmmmm..... :)

Good job on hitting 109.4!! That's amazing, I am sooo jealous :) You're awesome.

Lilah Lee said...

I always love Fridays on your blog :] It inspires me to take more pictures and post them :D

Good Luck this week!!

Love you

zen said...

Ha! I want that banana sticker!! Congrats on 109!

mad_zaq said...

no more pics of food!!! too much temptation!! ;D jk
very happy congratulations on the goal! rad stuff.

love the pics. although i must confess im not exactly big on xmas..never get any gifts :(

you have an awesome weekend yourself, and keep up the wonderful work.

Eva said...

Congratulations bella!
What have you been eating recently to achieve so awesomely? Hella exercise, too I suppose?
xxxooo Eva

Sick B*tch said...

Christmas stuff out in July makes me happy. :D I'm a weirdo - I HATE summer, and love everything winter/Christmas. So the earlier they put all the xmas crap out, the better...
Those graham cracker things sound delicious - thanks for the idea!

vanilla finnegan said...

I kind of what to grab one of those ice-cream sandwich thingies from your freezer right now if you don't mind :)

vanilla finnegan

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