Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bloggity Oreo Carb

So I've only had this for a few days & I'm much enjoying it already. Although I feel I've really only done one good post that had any depth to it. I've also liked finding blogs to follow & read & occasionally comment on. I am hoping that I will get more followers/readers somehow & therefore, most comments. It is such a joy to log on & see that someone has left me a lil diddy.

Well, this weekend was supposed to be a final hoorah with food for a while. Or at least indulgence in food. Without overdoing it. Today I had Oreos (which thankfully are almost gone so there won't be lots left to tempt me later) & Sunny D for breakfast/lunch (it really was brunch). By dinner time I felt all funny, kinda jittery but sort of almost nauseous too. I think it was partly that I had only put sugary substances in my body & because I had taken headache medicine shortly before that had caffeine in it. Once I had my dinner chock full of carbs, I felt more 'normal'.

Dinner really was kind of a carb fest. Breadsticks & rotini alfredo with chicken. Then a couple hours later, at the ice cream shop I had a cherry freeze (which is cherry slushie with soft serve ice cream blended together). I'll prolly have a few more Oreos tonight, mainly to get rid of them.

Oh I can't wait to begin restricting tomorrow though! I must sound like a horrible eater with today's intake but like I said, it's one last tango for a while. I don't have any set limits right now other than to keep cals low & keep out junky eating. And I am hoping to get in some good exercising tomorrow as well, though I haven't decided what I want to do (I have some dvds & then of course, things you can just do) other than the elliptical (which is appropriately in my kitchen, where there is room for it, mainly because there isn't a table in there, lol). I usually try to weigh in on Monday mornings, which I'm not much looking forward too. Hopefully I will a week from now because I had a good week this week.


Anonymous said...

Everytime I'm about to get my act together and start restricting again, I go through my apartment and throw all of my crappy food away. But I live by myself so it's no problem, however, good luck! (: